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Stylish, incredible, touching … They are a real work of art

10 commercials that are better than cinema

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Our world is full of advertising. Most of it passes by us, some is remembered, because it is annoying, but some videos are real art. They touch tears, mix us, fascinate and remember for life. Because advertising can also arouse our feelings.

Chanel Nº5 with Nicole Kidman

Mikhail Baryshnikov turned 67, but the plastic of the great dancer has not gone anywhere. Like the charisma of an extraordinary man. He starred in Lukbuk and the Rag Bone video and this is excellent, because, as they say in GQ: “It may not work to see it on the stage, but the video can be reviewed repeatedly.”

And this video, indeed, I want to review, it fascinates. By the way, with the Baryshnikov, the autumn-winter collection is trying on and tries in the Lil Buck in the case. Both are awesome!

Base Lurman took one of the most beautiful actresses of our time in advertising one of the most famous aromas. 4 minutes, $ 20 million. They say that Nicole Kidman received $ 4 million for this advertisement.

Slogan: “A little Chanel Nº 5”, as the answer of the unsurpassed Merilin Monroe to the journalist’s question: “What does she wear at night?”

The most classic, elegant aroma of the Chanel No. 5 brand is shown in the story of the inevitability of passion and the impossibility of love. In the script of the video, in which Nicole Kidman played an inaccessfully beautiful star in love, the plot of the film “Moulin Rouge” is vaguely guessed. Such is Paris in New York.

Mikhail Baryshnikov dances for Rag BONE

Jean-Claude Van Damm and Volvo trucks

The star of the militants Jean-Claude Van Damm showed a proprietary stretch, sitting on the twine in the Volvo commercial. The first -class and expensive advertising video, released under the heading of the Epic Schold (Epic Split – approx. Ed), “blew up” YouTube. For three days, about 17 million people watched the video!

Behind the frame is the musical composition of the singer ENYA. Two trucks travel in reverse and at some point slowly move. The Jean-Claude Van Damme located between them effectively sits on the twine.

In addition to the aged, but still charismatic Jean Claude, the whole team working on the video is admired. No wonder the video about how he was done also became a hit.

A separate genre was parodies for a video – from a photo, for example, with Putin and Chuck Norris, Van Damma, standing on carts from a supermarket standing on the wings of aircraft Putin and Chuck Norris. Also recognition!

Honda cars, The Cog

Another automobile video that has become a real hit, but for another reason. This video is the result of titanic labor. There is no installation or special effects – only continuous shooting and real physics!

The movement of each part was carefully calculated and checked on experiments.It was possible to remove the video without errors and failures only from the 606th time. Advertising received a lot of awards and recognition of the audience, and its effect exceeded all expectations.

Do not make the stork blush

Actually, this is an advertising video of a recruiting company. But she has such a powerful social message that she wants to immediately get up and start to do something! It is so that the stork that brought us did not blush.

The stork flies with the child, protects him and fulfills his duty – brings the child to parents. And what next?

You are more beautiful than you think!

In moments of sadness and discontent, you should see this Dove video.

The artist draws two sketches with a portrait of the same woman by ear: one according to her own description, and the other according to the description from a random stranger. Women are sitting behind the curtain and, at the request of the artist, in the smallest detail describe facial features, hair, skin and other features of appearance.

The experiment was attended by a former judicial artist who had been specializing in the creation of portraits of the wanted criminals for a long time, and several women, who were completely ignorantly unaware of what was happening.

The Discovery Channel, The World is Beautiful

Immediately turn off The Discovery Channel and go to your own incredible adventure – this is what you want to do by watching this video. The video shows – the world is really amazing!

After the video collected 7,000,000 views on YouTube, it was decided to remove the sequel, which – contrary to all expectations – turned out to be no worse than the original version. And the famous Boom de Yada was not only the main topic of advertising, but also the motto of many travelers.

One of the series of videos of Proctor Gamble dedicated to mothers. It is based on the memoirs of athletes about childhood.

Awakening for morning training long before dawn, traveling to competitions around the world, injuries, defeats and disappointments – and at all stages of a long journey to the Olympics next to future champions, their mothers were clearly or invisibly present.

And if tears come to your eyes – and this is for sure – to exaggerate them with a handkerchief, of course, from the Prctor Gamble.

Kindness will save the world

The advertising video from Thailand also became the hit of the Internet. Not the most beautiful, not at all rich, ordinary guy. He is just kind, he just does small good deeds, and the world becomes better.

Be sure to look if it seems that everything is bad, bad!

Grandpa and chair from IKEA

Somehow grandfather bought a chair. And this event turned his whole life turned upside down.

The pensioner had one entertainment in life – to feed pigeons in the park. The seasons were replaced, but in the life of the old man nothing new happened. Until one day, one day, his place was not taken.

The Spanish agency SCPF removed a simple and inspiring advertisement on how only one thing can change your life for the better and make you happier.

Well, a small advertising video can easily make us cry and laugh.

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