10 reasons to visit Liverpool

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Thirst for travel: 10 reasons to visit Liverpool

Thirst for travel: 10 reasons to visit Liverpool

This city is called the world capital of pop music, and its coast is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you have not yet found a reason to go to the northwest of England, we have collected ten significant reasons to visit the wonderful Liverpool!

Liverpool is one of the most beautiful British cities, which stretched out on the coast of England at the mouth of the Mercy River. This is a city with a bright atmosphere and a rich cultural heritage, a journey into which will forever remain in your memory. Sitting in London for a train, in two hours you will be in the county of Mercisside, where Liverpool will meet you – with friendly residents and iconic attractions, the main among which are port structures included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

See Albert-Code

The iconic landmark of Liverpool is a dock built by Prince Albert in the middle of the 19th century. Albert-Kod was built only of stone, at the time of creation, he was one of the first docks of a closed type in the world.

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Admire the feast-head

After all, this is the most pompous part of the Liverpool port, consisting of several structures.

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Go to the Beatles museum

Liverpool was enrolled in the Guinness Book of Records as the capital of world pop music. After all, it was here that one of the most popular groups of all time was born – The Beatles. Therefore, your trip to the city on the coast simply cannot do without visiting the Museum of the Liverpool Four.

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Walk along Sephton Park

Liverpool boasts more than 40 parks, the largest of which is Sefton Park with 235 green terrain hectares and lake. The iconic point of this place is the glass greenhouse Palm House, where concerts and celebrations are often held today.

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Go to the football game

The British are ardent fans of football, and the Liverpool club is one of the most famous in the country. Go to the club’s home stadium – “Enfield” to observe the game of a famous team and feel the exciting football spirit.

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Go to the galleries

Do not forget to include a cultural program on your trip. For lovers of art in Liverpool, the Tate Liverpool Gallery (a branch of the London Tate Modern), the Art BlueCoat, which has existed for almost 300 years, the Walker Art Gallery (one of the significant in the UK), as well as Open Eye Gallery, where it is worth going to all fans. Photo art.

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Look into the spect-hall

The estate in the style of the Tudor era of the Spec-Hall is one of the oldest houses preserved in the UK. It dates back to the beginning of the 16th century.

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See the Liverpool Metropolis Cathedral

Which is considered a vivid example of the Architecture of the twentieth century and is the main Catholic temple of Liverpool.

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Walk on a ferry

The ferry service between Liverpool and the Wirral Peninsula, which has existed since the 14th century, is a great opportunity to enjoy a river walk and a beautiful view of the city.

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Admire Town Hall

The town hall building, which has existed for more than 250 years, is considered an example of Georgian architecture in the UK. Tiles, mosaics and stucco – the interior decoration of the building is definitely worth seeing.

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