365 Days of Running year by running or how to return a love for running

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Marathon Anton Verta talks about his experience. Whether he kept a promise how many kilometers he ran in and what obstacles he met in his path during the year.

365 Days of Running or how to return a love for running

When we were young
In 2013, we were shown new, hitherto accessible only for professionals, his Majesty is running. Like a snowball, an avalanche of neophytes increased throughout the country and neighboring abroad, but what is there – around the world.

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Marathons, half marathons, dozes and legendary Parrans: we were insatiable in our desire to run “for the medal”. We studied the natural run as we could, sending each other photo and video, signing up for running schools that grew from scratch to a dozen and most in some six months. We took photographs of ourselves, run and equipment before, during and after the finish on a terrabi scale.
We told each other that “to run out of three hours is a reality”, everyone had their own sportpiem dealer and everyone knew where to make the same certificate for the race.

General mileage during 2018 for 328 running days 2018.2 km
Runes took place in 24 cities, 10 countries, 13 villages and settlements.

We moved from the race to the race, to different ends of the big city or to completely new territories for us. We could do two, or even three half marathons in two or three days. Running trains, running buses and even running planes were our houses, we recognized and greeted each other on the tracks, we created amateur running clubs. We became, if not friends, then certainly kind acquaintances. And even Mark Tsukenberg himself announced that he would run every day, during the year, all 365 days.

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Love lives for three years, and then what?
All this was at the peak for two to three years, from 2013 to 2016.
And then something changed, as Begbeeder said-Love lives for three years. And we, the first wave of neophytes, have changed. Someone went to the triathlon, someone at the ultra-division, someone continued to run on the tail of emotions. And someone just stopped. So it happened to me.

With Amaya long distance:
45 km from Athens to marathon

The shortest distance:
200 meters around the house under the downpour and with a temperature of 37.8

Not immediately, not so that this event has a date. But I stopped. At first he reduced participation in official races, then he began to score a little on the parkrains, urgent, unprofitable affairs appeared, some new hobbies, then somehow organically and inevitably left the friends with whom the common cause … and there was a break length per year, all of 2017. Not so at all, no. There was a marathon on a mountain road in Almaty, there was the most dirty and marshy Grut, but it was rather outbreaks of former passion than a constant attraction.

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But I like to run, this is what I get and what I enjoy from. It was decided – you need a new challeng!
But what? Another marathon? Ultramarathon? Compete in time? Not clinging.

New Challenge!
And then it came on January 1, 2018. 12:00. The race of promises. Run 2018 meters and set a target for a year. In the process of this small distance, the thought was born: maybe not meters, but kilometers? Well, in order not to merge from your own goal, let's set the time frame? And come on like Mark? Lets do it! Total final photo on Instagram: 2018 = 2018 km, 365 days of running.

Temperature records:
+34 – Athens
– 26 Moscow Region New Year's Eve

And, like a phoenix, the body started up from sleep. An amazing thing, but when there is a commensurate goal, time limitation and all resources (legs-gods!)-the excitement comes necessarily.
The main thing is that this goal is “yours” and in order to realize it in high.

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What for Or what for?
The emotions of the first day passed, and the question arose What for the sake? Should I run for 365 days? For the sake of photos on social networks? Yes, there are enough of them. Medists will not be given for every day.
Here is the moment of truth. And really, why?
The understanding of all points did not immediately come. With time. By the middle of the journey it became clear:

1. Travel
Paradox, but sport, run he is not about achieving a place (in my case), he is about seeing more. So you arrived in a new city or place. How much time is there to get around it? And where to? And if with the family? And so it turned out that every morning, wherever you are, you run 5-10-15 kilometers. New landscapes, new countries – all this makes jogging very fascinating. Here is another attraction, two kilometers to it, here is another new place, what's the interesting thing here? Riga, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Suz, Krasnoyarsk, Milan, Athens, Marathon, Sochi, Hong Kong – an incomplete list of what they managed to see on the run.


2. Habit
How without her? First on the drive, and then on the habit I managed to run. After a couple of months and the question did not stand “I want, I don’t want”, just on the machine a time was allocated from 20 minutes to 2 hours. An amazing thing, it turns out if you put into a habit, there is always something in the ritual, then there is always time.

The most interesting track:
Hong Kong – a web in an anthill, transitions, parks, bridges, embankments, residential buildings, crowds of people, heat, stuffiness

3. Books
Reading is a favorite pastime. But the schedule, I have a tight work schedule … And reading suffered first. When you run, you can combine the pleasant with useful. Dozens of works from science fiction to classics, from psychology to scientific works, managed to listen to this year. This, by the way, helps great when you are in a familiar place and have already seen everything a hundred times around – you plunge into the story that sounds. And all, you are already in another world. It is very important to choose the right reader, better audio players.

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4. Concentration
Far distances are recognized as one way of active meditation. And the truth. After 10 km, I would say after the 15th thought they themselves stop walking. Everything that was thought about was changed. Everything that was worried is no longer worried. The moment of clarity comes. The moment of insight or, conversely, the moment of emptiness.Emptiness is good, the one that allows you to take any thought, upload it to your brain for reflection and get clear answers. An amazing property of distance running.

5. Dating
Running is for the lonely. But, paradoxically, singles love to talk about their lonely run. And so it turns out, the more you run, see, participate, the more you want to share it. The first place to meet, where you will be understood, accepted – parkrun. The advice is universal: make time on Saturday morning – and you can run 5 km and be fed with delicious treats with the best tea in the world. Parkrun is also a place of motivation and inspiration. When you think that everything is already done, you are tired, you can’t do anything – just look who and how does it. That's how I met Pasha Krysanov, a guy with cerebral palsy, but he runs marathons and ultramarathons all over the world! With a blind runner, a poet, and a poetry site reactor that makes halves like nuts. This is how I met a girl who we once led as a group in her first half marathon in Tushino, and now she is doing an ultramarathon in South Africa with little effort. And try to say after such acquaintances – it's impossible and I can no longer.

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Lessons of failure
But not everything went so smoothly, of course. There were days worse than terrible. Here are some tips from experience tested on my own body.

1. If you are sick – do not tear
Cough, snot, fatigue and that's all – haunts us all our lives. No matter how many vitamins you eat, no matter how hard you try to dress according to the weather, it will always overtake you. So – if it overtakes, do not be a hero. Just wait it out. For to train at the moment when the body is struggling with an illness is to kill the body even more and wait longer for recovery.
On such days I took a symbolic kilometer, for example.

Most difficult tracks:
Elton – desert steppe marathon

Athens Marathon. Under the scorching sun in the mountains, the real danger is to fall and break everything you can.

2. Alcohol is not a friend
Here's the truth. Without illusions. No matter how much you test, but drinking and sports are different planets. Sadly, of course, but a glass, and tomorrow for sports – does not work. Exceptions, sorry, after the marathon. After the marathon, yes. But it's a personal choice)

3. Laziness will always be
And this is the most important thing. Starting something, and even more so continuing something, is the most difficult thing. So don't think that it's just you. We are all like that.

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Interesting facts about the challenge

Total mileage during 2018 for 328 running days amounted to 2018.2 km
Runs were held in 24 cities, 10 countries, 13 villages and settlements.

Longest Distance:
45 km from Athens to Marathon.
The shortest distance:
200 meters around the house in a downpour and with a temperature of 37.8.
Temperature records:
+31 Hong Kong
+34 – Athens
-22 – Riga on January holidays
– 26 Moscow region New Year's Eve.
Most interesting route:
Hong Kong – spider web running in an anthill, crossings, parks, bridges, embankments, residential buildings, crowds of people, heat, closeness.
The most difficult tracks:
Elton is a deserted steppes marathon. Wherever you look – only endless expanses and road. Running exhausted his monotony.

Athens-marathon. Running under the scorching sun in the mountains, dried up rivers of rivers. There was a real danger to fall and break everything that could.

Anton Vert 635 Days Running 14

Anton Verta, Natalia Yurken

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