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Reliable cloud storage services: free and for money

9 best cloud storage facilities for photos, videos and other valuable things

Many of us out of habit store photos in a computer or external hard drive, but this is far from the best way to save your memories of travel and travel. It is best when they are stored on the disk and in the cloud storage, where, on the one hand, they are reliably protected, and on the other, they are easily accessible.

Of course, there are both paid and free services where you can upload photos and not be afraid for their future fate. We have chosen the most reliable cloud storage facilities that the main market players offer – such as Google, Yandex, Mail.ru Group and others. If you do not trust them, then who else?

Cloud storage for photo

Google photo, he is Google Photo

Google photo

The most famous photo storage in Google is, of course, a cloud service Google photo.

It proposes two options for storing photos – unlimited when the photo is “compressed” in quality, and “source file” – when the photo is uploaded to Google in the original quality. Moreover, if you choose the last option, it is worthwhile to understand that the place will be limited.

In its service, Google provides everyone with exactly 15 GB for data storage, but you will have to pay extra for the rest. However, the owners of Googlophons (smartphones working on the “pure” Android) receive a bonus from the corporation – for example, ASUS customers are provided with 100 GB of data for a year, after which the storage is reduced to standard 15 GB.

Of course, the owners of Pixel smartphones were most lucky. Google provides them with absolutely unlimited access to the service, which means that you can store an unlimited number of photos in the original quality.

As for prices, Google tariffs are similar to the prices of the Google Drive disk space. Therefore, when you take a subscription to the Google One service, your place increases automatically. At present, Google offers 100 GB for 139 rubles per month (or 1390 rubles per year), 200 GB for 219 (2190 rubles a year) and 2 TB for 699 rubles per month (6990 rubles per year). The maximum amount of data that can be bought from Google is 30 TB, and it costs completely crazy 20990 rubles per month. You can see more details in more details here.

The best in Google's cloudy vault:

  • support for any platforms;
  • understandable and affordable interface;
  • Additional services, such as automatic creation of collages, improving photos or creating thematic videos.



Yandex is also ready to provide unlimited and free storage for your photos.

But (there is always “but”) unlimited is available only when you upload photos directly from your smartphone. In all other cases, you will have to pay.

Subscription to Yandex.Disk for 100 GB will cost cheaper than Google – 80 rubles per month or 800 rubles per year, and for 1 TB of data you will have to give 200 rubles a month or 2000 rubles a year.

Yandex.Plus subscribers are available additional bonuses.Firstly, +10 GB to the existing vault of Yandex.Disk and a 30% discount on the purchase of a place. The subscription to Yandex.Plus costs 169 rubles a month and includes unlimited access to music, films and series at Kinopoisk, as well as a 10% discount on Yandex.Taxi.

In general, Yandex is quite a good option for storing photos taking into account the price, especially if you only take pictures on the smartphone.

The best in Yandex's cloud storage:

  • unlimited storage of photos from a smartphone;
  • The ability to save if you use other services or devices of Yandex.

Cloud Mail.ru

Cloud Mail.ru

A few years ago, Mail.ru Group conducted an attraction of unheard of generosity – it was possible to get a cloud storage of 1 TB for free! But, unfortunately, he was quickly covered. Therefore, who managed is well done and who did not have time – please use standard tariffs.

Now the standard volume of the cloud from Mail.ru Group is completely small – only 8 GB. Its increase by 64 GB will cost you 749 rubles a year, by 128 – 1490 rubles a year, and 256 GB is offered to buy for 2290 rubles a year. The most expensive tariff at Mail.ru Group is 4 TB, 26990 rubles per year.

As we see, in comparison with competitors – Yandex and Google, Mail.ru Group, “bites” prices. And it is obvious that this is far from the best option for your photos. At the same time, no unlimited is provided even when loading photos directly from a mobile phone. You can see the prices of other tariffs here.

The best in the cloud storage of Mail.ru:

  • high load speed;
  • Integration with mail service mail.ru.

Apple icloud

Apple icloud

Apple in 2019 does not change its traditions and provides only 5 GB of data in the cloud for free. It should be understood that free 5 GB not only for photos, but also for your backup copies of iOS devices. And if you have a lot of “apple” devices, then this is very few. Therefore, users of Cupertino devices are forced to buy a place in the cloud storage.

An increase in volume to 50 GB will cost you 59 rubles per month, up to 200 GB – 149 rubles per month, and for 2 TB of data in the cloud storage you will be asked for 599 rubles a month or 7188 rubles a year.

But if you do not use any iOS devices, then the Apple cloud will not be the most convenient option. All photos will have to be viewed only through Web version. There are no applications for Android devices. For Windows, you can download a special application – iCloud for Windows.

The best in the cloud storage of iCloud:

  • Fast synchronization and easy access with iPhone or Mac.

Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud

Samsung smartphones users have the opportunity to store photos not only in Google photos where all photos from Android devices are uploaded by default, but also in a personal cloud-Samsung Cloud.

15 GB data is provided free of charge. But it is no longer possible to expand them. Now only an option of free cloud space is available for Russian users. However, this volume is enough for a backup copy of the device itself, as well as for storing several thousand photos.

In addition, it is important to remember that only owners of the company's smartphones can use the Samsung cloud. No web version is provided.

Best of Samsung Cloud:

  • well optimized for Samsung devices;
  • completely free.

Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft's cloud storage is called Microsoft One Drive. The basic free volume, like that of Apple, is only 5 GB. For photos and data, this is very small.

However, if you use Office 365 (a subscription to Microsoft Office applications), then Redmond provides you with 1 TB of data and you can use it as you wish. And if you have a family subscription to Office 365, then instead of 1 TB of data, you already get as much as 6 TB, but you won’t be able to use them alone – each of the family access members (there can be up to 6 people) is provided with exactly 1 TB.

As we mentioned earlier, it is currently impossible to buy an Office 365 subscription on the company's official website and you can only purchase a key from one of Microsoft's partner stores. For example, in one of the licensed software stores – AllSoft.ru – Office 365 personal can be bought for 2297 rubles a year, and Office 365 home – for 2815 rubles a year.

Best of Microsoft One Drive cloud storage:

  • integration with Office 365;
  • rich opportunities for collaboration;
  • large volume, especially when using a family subscription.



Dropbox isn't just a photo storage service, it's more like a cloud storage service that you can share with other users.

Dropbox free space is exactly 2 GB. This is even smaller than Apple's, and in order to store your photos and other documents here, you will have to increase the amount of space. And here there are 2 options – the Plus tariff (1 TB of data, $ 8.25 per month) and the Professional tariff (2 TB of data, $ 16.58 per month).

As we can see, the disadvantages of Dropbox are obvious – all prices for tariff plans, regardless of the region where you are, are indicated in dollars. Therefore, this service is designed more for American users or those who really like Dropbox, and they are ready to pay the appropriate price for it.

Best of Dropbox cloud storage:

  • solid service with an excellent reputation;
  • when using a paid subscription, a bunch of useful options are provided – access settings, use of passwords, and so on.

Acronis True Image Cloud

Acronis Cloud

The Russian company Acronis, known primarily for its Acronis True Image program, is also one of the important players in the cloud services market. When you purchase a subscription to True Image Cloud (a cloud-based solution), you are provided with a number of gigabytes of data in the cloud storage, which you can use at your discretion.

An annual subscription to Acronis True Image Cloud includes 250 GB of data in storage and costs 1,700 rubles per year. Premium option with 1 TB of data 3400 rubles per year. It is worth noting that photo backup is available both from a personal computer and from a smartphone: Acronis has a special mobile application for iOS and Android for this.

The best of Acronis Cloud storage:

  • Free in the presence of subscription to Acronis True Image Cloud.



The MEGA.NZ service, founded by the German-Finnish entrepreneur Kim Dotcom (yes, DOTKO is the real name of this person!) Cloud decisions have been present since 2013.

The service positions itself rather as a free file hosting, users immediately after registration are available as much as 50 GB data.

However, like any “freebie”, Mega.nz has pitfalls. They act on a well -known on the Internet to many scheme. In particular, you can expand your disk space by 10 GB, if you bring a friend, and get another 15 for installing a mobile application.

But as in other storage facilities, the number of gigabytes can be purchased. In more detail, the prices for Mega.nz can be viewed here

Pay attention to the NZ domain. All servers of this cloud storage are in New Zealand, so users from Europe are possible problems with speed.

The best in the MEGA cloud storage:

  • You can install not only applications, but also an extension for the browser, as well as a mail client, which allows you to send files of any size by mail.
  • Huge volumes for data storage are virtually for nothing.

Which cloud storage is better?

This question will not work unequivocally. The most universal and imprisoned for storing photographs today is Google photo. It has a convenient download, there is opportunities for processing and sorting files.

But other cloud storages have their strengths. iCloud or Samsung Cloud are well sharpened for specific devices from Apple and Samsung.

Yandex disc, the Mail.Ru cloud is good when you need a storage for storing any data, and not just photos.

Microsoft One Drive and Acronis are perfect if you use other solutions to these manufacturers.

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