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Anti Express is a bet on two or more events where you will win if you make a mistake in at least one result.

What is anti-express betting?

A new “notion” from Russian bookmakers, which is something fresh and unknown in the world of betting. Antiexpresses are the exact opposite of simple accumulators.

In order for the anti-express to play in a positive direction for us, we need at least one event that will not enter. For such a bet, the bookmaker chooses odds that depend on the probability of a pass.

The lower the coefficient, the higher the value of the anti-express. Such bets are very convenient, due to the fact that in ordinary accumulators one single event often fails. That is why the chance of anti-expresses entering is quite high.

How to put antiexpress?

The odds in the anti-parlay are always opposite to the standard parlay. They consist mainly of three or more matches. Let’s take an accumulator of three matches for example:

  • 1 match – coefficient 1.45;
  • 2nd match – coefficient 1.58;
  • 3rd match – coefficient 1.82.
  • The overall coefficient is 4.16

We need to find out by what coefficient the anti-express will be calculated. It can be calculated by the formula – (1 / K) * 100

(1 / 4.16) *100= 24%. The probability of passing the anti-express is 76%, which gives a coefficient of 100 / 76 = 1.31. The bookmaker takes into account the parlay margin and the odds will be slightly lower.

Antiexpress strategies

Players who understand the principle of the anti-express, introduce something new and try to benefit from the opportunity provided to them:

Compilation of matches in anti-express only from totals. Total over for the underdog and total under for the favourite.

There are matches that start at different times so that there is an opportunity to play it safe. If the first bets in the accumulator pass, then a single bet is placed on the opposite result of the last event in the anti-express.Dial in express events with small odds from 1.05 to 1.20.Minimize the total coefficient.

Express systems

Combining multiple bets with a planned number of outcomes is called a system. Unlike the classic parlay, where the player has no right to make a mistake, the betting system does not require that all bet outcomes must match.

It is enough to indicate the dimension of the multibet – 2 out of 4, 4 out of 6, 6 out of 12 and so on will win. Where the first digit is the number of betting options, the second is the number of events.

Beginners underestimate the betting system, citing complex calculations. In fact, determining the amount of the bet, calculating the profitability of the system and its size is a matter of several minutes.

Moreover, bettors have simple system calculators at their disposal.

System calculation

The base point for a bettor is to determine the size of the bet. For example, choosing the “2 out of 4” system, the player understands that there will be 4 events in his multibet with two outcomes. As a result, he will receive 6 Express bets with two bet outcomes.For each pair of events, the sum and value of the bet coefficient are calculated.

Banker in the betting system

A bunker is the outcome of a sporting event, which is included in all possible variants of the system. Bunker is the most reliable outcome, according to the player.

If the banker does not play, the whole system will fail. In addition, the standard “2 out of 4” system, when a reliable outcome is set, is automatically transformed into a “2 out of 3” system.

As a result, the parlay system, unlike simple parlays, reduces rather than increases risks. Players use system calculators to calculate complex multibets that include up to 1,000 possible bet outcomes in systems such as “5, 6 and 7 out of 12”.

It is dangerous to abuse systems. The amounts for multibets are larger, and bets without scrupulous calculation will quickly bankrupt the bettor.

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