Compound feed for pigs; Lida flour

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Compound feed for pigs

The compound feed formula is able to satisfy all the needs of pigs for vitamins. The content of vitamins and microelements determines the growth of productivity and strengthening of immunity, ensures the prevention of various leg diseases in growing pigs. To ensure high productivity during the intensive growth of the animal, it is necessary to maintain the optimal content and ratio of essential amino acids involved in the processes of protein synthesis.

Types of manufactured feed:

Compound feed SK-1 – intended for feeding sows;

Compound feed SK-10 – for feeding suckling sows;

Compound feed SK-11 – for feeding piglets aged 9 to 42 days;

Compound feed SK-16 – for feeding piglets aged 43 to 60 days;

Compound feed SK-21 – for feeding piglets aged 61 to 104 days;

Compound feed SK-26 – for fattening pigs of the 1st period;

Compound feed SK-31 – for fattening pigs 2 periods;

Compound feed KK-55 – for fattening pigs;

Compound feed EX – for fattening pigs in a personal subsidiary plot.

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