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Remember Dendy games for two players

Cool games for Dendy for two players that we loved to play with friends

The Dendy prefix left a warm and nostalgic imprint in our soul. But not just single -user games were especially appreciated, but games that could be played together. Let's remember the cool games for two, which we loved to go with a friend. I will immediately make a reservation that it will only be about cooperative games where we have to play for each other. We will talk about fighting and other opposing games in one of the following articles.

Contra (Super Contra / Contra Force)

Take we, of course, from the series of Contra. We will immediately touch all the games of the series, since the game mechanics are basically the same. We have to play for two fighters of special forces who are ready to crush enemies. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if the aliens are or just terrorists. There will be no mercy for anyone.

In the first two parts of the Contra, we will need to make our way through the hordes of enemies, simultaneously choosing a new weapon, which will facilitate our entire difficult path.

As for the game Contra Force, here the situation is slightly different, since we have to choose two characters out of four. Moreover, each of them has its own abilities, speed, jump level and a set of weapons that can be activated by raising suitcases. The game Contra Force is more realistic, as it takes place in our time and the struggle is against terrorists, and not against aliens.

Ninja turtles (2 and 3)

Crauz will make a reservation that it will only be about the second and third part of the Ninja Turtles, since it is impossible to play in the first part, and the fourth part is in the fingering, which does not fit into the topic of our article.

In general, if you want to play the legendary game together, then you have to choose two of the four turtles, each of which has its own personal weapons and crown reception. You will have to destroy the side of the side with a friend both simple robotic soldiers from the Foot clan and the characters known to us such as Bibop, Rockstedi and of course Schroeder.

Chip and Dale

The game about two Disney chipmunks conquered the gamers of the 90s. As you probably remember, this game could be played together, which facilitated the gameplay. Moreover, in the passage of the game for two there were advantages. For example, it was possible to take not only boxes, but also your partner, and then successfully throw it out onto the ledge. Sometimes, this technique was used by a more professional player to carry a less experienced through a dangerous area.

Also, if you played alone and died, then the level passed over again. And in the case of playing in cooperative mode, in the death of one of the characters, he immediately appeared in the same place on balloons, after which he landed down and continued the game with his partner.

Game mechanics of both parts of the games are the same, that is, we pass the levels, select the boxes and throw them into enemies. If we take the owl, then it will give temporary invulnerability, and at the end of each level, the boss. The only thing in the first part for the murder of the boss used the same red ball that we were kindly given to us to win over it, while in the second part for each boss there was a personal weapon that appeared from different places, for example, boxes, maps, a ball of threads etc.

But the third part of the “chip and Dale” I will not recommend with your permission, since this is a wild pirate thrash, and does not apply to the original.

Snake Rattle 'N' Roll

The game Snake 2 was also very loved by gamers of the 90s. Its unusual was in an isometric style, which at that time was a kind of three -dimensionality for us.

We played for two tadpoles, who over time we had eaten and found the tails that added the weight that was so necessary for them. Of course, it was much more interesting to play together than one.

Battle Toads (and Double Dragon)

Well, where is without famous combat toads. I think that most gamers of the 90s certainly adored Battletoads. What were only funny fights, with the finishing horns or a huge foot.

In the second part, in addition to the toads, we could play for the famous Dragon brothers Billy and Jimmy.

To play with a friend, of course, was much more fun, but not to say that it was easier, because there were plenty of difficulties in games. Take at least the same races that irritated us insanely. But despite this, both parts of the game were simply stunning.

Double Dragon (1, 2, 3)

Well, since we talked about fighting toads, the game Double Dragon would be wrong. In fact, the first part of the game was inexperiencing and interesting, but the second and third part were just a real candy.

In the game we had to play for two brothers – Billy and Jimmy. The brothers fought against the enemies, scattering everyone to the right and left. The advantage of the game together was the opportunity to make a joint attack in the air.

In the third part, we had the opportunity to play for two additional characters, though in this case joint techniques were not available.

Also, the process of the game together could be complicated if you put the game mode B. In this case, when it enters each other, damage was caused. Therefore, it was necessary to play more carefully.

Goal 3

The games of the Nekketsu series were combat sports games, which included basketball, bouncers, hockey, running, fighting and of course football. I think that many were most popular with many, which we knew under the name Goal 3.

The game was simply stunning, because the essence was not only to score the ball into the enemy’s goal, but to do it as technical and interestingly as possible using power and crown techniques so that the enemy goalkeeper simply flew beyond the gate, tearing the net.

When playing together, the second player automatically became the playing goalkeeper, who could drive around the field and also score goals.

Ice Climber

A simple, but rather interesting toy, which was part of the basic multi-game cartridges. We had to play as two Eskimos who needed to climb up through the icy rungs, breaking them. And it's all about the big condor that stole their vegetables.

The game, although simple at first glance, is quite difficult, because the crossbars are very slippery, and the enemies are constantly in the way.


And here comes the RPG from the 8-bit world. This game was not so common in our childhood, but nevertheless it was interesting to play it. We were given 4 players to choose from, each of which differed in speed, strength and range. The main goal of the game is to find a way out in each level, making your way through various monsters.

Of course, as in the case of other games, it was much more fun to play together.


Quite an interesting game about military jeeps, for which we have to play. The view of the game takes place from above, and the cars themselves can move in 8 directions.

Initially, our jeeps are armed with machine guns and grenades, but if you are not lazy and free the hostages, then your weapons will improve.

Legendary Wings

It was not often possible to meet this game in the 90s, but nevertheless it was quite interesting and sticky. We had to play as two battle angels armed with a futuristic firearm. During the passage of the game, we had to make our way through the enemies, as well as pick up all the new and powerful weapons.

The levels in the game consist of two modes – a top-down scroller and a side-view scroller. But the essence remains the same – we destroy enemies and bosses.

As a child, I really liked this game. Narc is a simple bit a map where we have to play as two policemen. In principle, there is nothing abstruse: we go through the levels and destroy enemies, but of course it's much more fun to do it together.

snow brothers

Quite a fun game about two snow brothers, whose goal is to defeat the enemies on the screen, and then move to the next screen with new enemies in the spirit of Mario Bros.

To kill this or that enemy, you must first throw snowballs at him, making a snowball out of him, and then let him go to hell so that he also captures other enemies.

Rush'n attack

Pretty good game, the name of which clearly alludes to Russia (play on words Russian). Well, this is not surprising, because this game was made already at the end of the Cold War.

In the story, we play as two US special forces, abandoned at some (presumably Soviet) base. Our task, of course, is to mow down all enemies. True, in the arsenal we have only knives. However, it is sometimes possible to pick up grenades and ranged weapons that pierce through multiple enemies.

In total, the game includes 4 levels, at the end of which we are met by peculiar bosses, such as a crowd of soldiers, aggressive dogs or a flamethrower.

mario bros

Many people think that the first Italian plumber game is Super Mario Bros, but in fact, there were several games before it, such as Mario Bros.

In the story, we play as Mario and his brother Luigi. The goal of passing the level is to destroy all the enemies on the screen. Moreover, you can not just jump on enemies. In order to destroy them, you must first strike under them so that they turn over, and then jump on them until they disappear from the screen.

Initially, the enemies are simple, but over time, more difficult opponents appear, to defeat them you need to hit twice under them. Also, there are flying enemies, to defeat which you need to wait for a certain moment.

Well, in order to make life a little easier for us, we were kindly provided with the POW button, a blow to which will provide an imitation of a blow over the entire surface. True, this miracle is designed for only three hits.


As a child, I just loved this game. The game is rare, but terribly interesting. We have to play for two special forces with a rear view. Our task is to get rid of all the enemies on the screen by shooting them with a machine gun and throwing grenades at them.

The game is notable for the fact that here you can destroy objects. At the beginning of each level, our heroes are given a little protection in the form of shelter, although it is not enough for a long time. Therefore, you need to kill opponents as quickly as possible, especially since sometimes various kinds of bonuses fall out of them.

Naturally, the two of you go through the game much easier and more interesting. My brother and I were constantly cut into it in childhood.

Quite a fun game about dinosaurs that have to collect eggs and then head towards the exit that appears. But, of course, no one will let us calmly collect eggs, since cavemen will chase us.

The game is somewhat reminiscent of Pac-Man, only with a big difference. In this game, dinosaurs can fight back enemies by simply hitting them with their fists. Well, if you take a pineapple, then our hero turns into a huge tyrannosaurus rex, the cat gets a crazy amount of points with a constant doubling, for each bitten caveman.

By the way, if you play together with a friend, then each player will be able to select only eggs of his own color.

Shadow of the Ninja (Kage)

I'm not ashamed to say that Shadow of ninja is in my top 5 favorite 2 player games for Dendy.

In the story, we play as two ninjas (a man and a woman) who must confront the evil emperor who has captured New York.

The game is an action platformer where we have to run, jump, cling and climb into various places. Initially, we are given a short katana, but as the game progresses, we will be able to both improve the katana and pick up new types of weapons, such as kusarigama (weapons on a chain) or shurikens with bombs.

Playing the game together is again much more interesting and fun, but it is worth considering that the number of Continue is divided by two.

Of course, this is not all cooperative games for Dendy, and I would like to continue this topic. Therefore, I would be glad if you subscribed to our retro channel.

Also, I recommend reading my previous articles about the most stubborn pirate games for Dendy and interesting facts about Contra. I am sure you will like it.

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