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CSKA VATUTINKI – Official website

The official website of the sports center in Vatutinka based on CSKA

A set of boys from four years old and older to a school in Vatutinka. Training is held in the gaming hall and on the field. Anyone can sign up for the section. Distribution to groups in terms of preparation.

Danilov Denis Yuryevich

Danilov Denis Yuryevich.

Education: MGOU named after Krupskaya
Teacher in physical education and sports, teacher-valeologist.

Russian football player, midfielder and striker.

Pupil of the SDUSHOR Spartak, youth team Spartak (Russian Championship among the KFK) –
Coach Burenkov Mikhail Sergeevich.

Player of the main composition of FC Patriot (Moscow) Championship of Russia among the KFK.
Coaches: Sevidov Yuri Alexandrovich, Gavrilov Yuri Vasilievich.

Together with Ignashevich Sergey, from FC Patriot, he was invited and underwent a training camp with the team of 1 division of FC “Spartak Orekhovo-Zuevo”.

The player of the main composition of the FC Slavyansk-on-Kuban (Krasnodar) Championship of Russia Division 2, the Zone South.

The player of the main composition of FC Sportsademklub (Moscow) The Russian Championship Division 2, the Zone West- coach Lexakov Andrei Vladimirovich.

Player of the youth team of Russia in 2000. – coach Gladilin Valery Pavlovich.

In the LFL since 2002 Participation in European Football Championships in DHL championships among companies. Recognized as the best football player.

FC Cate Sport Championship of Russia among the KFK (3 division, zone Moscow)

A multiple participant and winner in amateur football league in various teams. Head coach of the team of FC Ultra LFL SZAO (4-multiple champion of LFL Higher League)

Since 2018 I spend individual and group training for children of 4-7 years old on the basis of physical training, initial football training and physiotherapy exercises.

Since 2019 Head coach of FC Forward-Vatutinka, young men 2009-2010. As a coach of FC Forward, the winner of the winter championship among the children's teams Golden Buts 2019.
He was trained at ATM (Academy of Coaching at the RSUFK) for the coaching license C.
The plans to go through all the stages of preparation and training for all coaching licenses and receive qualifications for the level of license A and PRO, respectively.

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