Essay on the topic: Physical education and sports in my life – free download. File size: 34.86 Kb

Essay on the topic: Physical education and sports in my life – free download. File size: 34.86 Kb post thumbnail image

Essay on physical education on the topic: Physical education and sports in my life – download for free.🔺 Ready work!🔺

Essay on the topic: Physical education and sports in my life

As the proverb says: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. What is meant by these words? A person who adheres to a healthy, sporty lifestyle gets sick less and feels much better and healthier. Sport has a positive impact on the physical and moral condition of a person. Developing physically, a person also has the strength to develop mentally. Everyone can choose for himself sports games and exercises that he will like.
Let's start with the fact that today a lot of children and young people go in for sports. If we compare the time 15-20 years ago, then gatherings with wine and drugs were more popular, now a healthy lifestyle is beginning to revive. Of course, people's consciousness must work here, but not only. The government of the country should also be involved in this. It is necessary to build sports grounds, stadiums, invest in the development of sports in difficult regions of the state.
In my opinion, sport helps a person to be in good physical shape, and besides, he brings up character and willpower. Sports activities promote health. Even a simple exercise in the morning to your favorite music energizes you for the whole day.
I have always loved active entertainment. For as long as I can remember, I have always played various outdoor games. And I got incredible pleasure from it. So my parents enrolled me in a dance school. Yes, I have been dancing for ten years. This is a very interesting sport in which you need to show a quick reaction, good coordination of movements, concentration.
In addition to enjoyment and physical health, playing sports gave me many interesting people whom I met in training and competitions, and now I often communicate. It is very important to have like-minded people and those who share your preferences, with whom you can talk and share your impressions.
Also, playing sports makes you feel the joy of your own achievements. Once upon a time you didn’t manage to sit on the twine, and now you take prizes in competitions! And you understand the value of the effort and work on yourself. And besides, you realize that perseverance helps a lot in achieving any goals.
I also enjoy playing volleyball and swimming. In winter I go to the pool, and in summer I swim in the river. After such classes, I feel very healthy and cheerful. Swimming also helps me strengthen my spine and keep my back straight at all times. Basketball, I can only practice in the summer and spring with my friends. In addition, it is also a great opportunity to meet.
It is not necessary to be a professional athlete to get the benefits and pleasure of playing sports. Many of the people run in the morning, someone goes to aerobics and fitness, someone plays football or is engaged in karate. The main thing is to like it. And at the same time, this makes you physically strong and confident, and also makes it possible to get acquainted with many interesting people.
At the moment, I try to play sports regularly, but, unfortunately, it does not come out often. And I advise everyone to start playing sports at least sometimes. And then you will see how quickly your life will become much more interesting and more fun.
In conclusion, I would like to note that by contributing to physical development, expanding physical capabilities, physical culture affects almost all aspects of human life: it develops the spiritual and moral qualities of a person, enhances the motivation of its self-development, carries out social adaptation, helps to adequately respond to stressful environmental factors, and forms The need for a healthy lifestyle ensures the preservation and strengthening of health throughout human life. In this regard, I want to say – play sports!

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