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An excellent online farm simulator game will allow you to create and develop your business. Farming is difficult to manage, but if you play farm games, you will soon learn.

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Summer has finally come! You can forget about school and endless lessons by going to the countryside to overeat on fruits, swim in the river and look at the night sky, where there are many more stars and they are brighter than in the city. But if the holidays are still far away, free online Farm games will help you pass the time. You can have fun with fun characters by riding a motorcycle with a bull Otis or play an economic simulator, becoming a real farmer. You won’t have to rest, but you will earn a whole capital by selling the fruits of your vigorous activity on the market.

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Great online farm game simulator will create and develop its business

To play the Farm's games online for free, it is not necessary that there is summer outside the window. This is the charm of computer games – we always have the weather that contributes to a good harvest. But you don’t have to sit back. And therefore, roll the sleeves, put on gloves and go to the virtual garden.

Where to start playing the Games of the Farm?

As always – from the planting of seeds in the ground and watering them. The sprouts will not be long in coming and will soon turn off in order to subsequently bring the first fruits. With the collection, it is also better not to hesitate, otherwise they will wipe and will become unsuitable for further operation. And since you decided to do the farmer’s business not because you are bored at home, further profit depends on your clear actions.

Online farm games, this is nothing more than economic simulators. You are engaged in earnings on the cultivation and sale of the fruits of your labors. Each vegetable, grain, berry or animals turn into a ringing coin.

  • The crop should be assembled in a timely manner, sent to the warehouse, and from there to the market.
  • You need to sell at a bargain price and carefully monitor demand.
  • Know that you will not buy what is not required at the moment, and therefore hold your hand on the pulse of trade relations.

You can work with a shovel only at first, when the area of ​​your land is quite small, but as it grows, you yourself will feel an acute shortage in serious equipment. In the process of playing the farm, it becomes more interesting to play. You have new opportunities, and they open as your money virtual account is replenished. You can get rid of the junk, and put more perfect equipment in its place, which will greatly facilitate your work.

We are looking for business partners

The conclusion of contracts and contracts is another part of the gameplay of the game online for free farm. Cafe and restaurants will offer cooperation and you, accepting the conditions, are required to supply fresh products to their kitchen in the agreed quantity and in the duration. If you ignore the supply at the first request, they will quickly refuse you and resort to competitors' services. If your work is well established, you have nothing to fear in business failures.

We harvest and turn into finished products

It attracts to play the farm and the opportunity to become a real monopolist – you will build your own factories and factories for processing raw materials. Ready -made products or semi -finished products are always more expensive and therefore the profit brings significant. Now you will begin to sell not eggs, but egg powder; not grain, but flour or bakery products; Not meat, but sausages.A similar situation with dairy products is sour cream, cottage cheese, cream, butter.

The choice is quite wide and there is always a choice of what you would like to specialize on – in vegetable crops or animals. Each version has its own nuances. If plant origin must be protected from weeds and beetles, then livestock is attacked by predatory animals.

While the hens are grazing peacefully in the meadow and putting eggs simply in the grass, lions are selected for them and attack. To cope with them is not as difficult, as it seems. You will not oppose them with a gun. It is enough to click several times on a predator so that a cage grows around it. But it is not worth leaving him in the prisoner for a long time, since he will get out of it over time and continue his hunt. It is better to immediately send it to the bazaar and sell it – the extra profit has not stopped anyone yet.

Start playing the farm just now, and build your dream business. Develop it gradually and lovingly, and to see the hands of your act, open the panorama and it will show you wonderful views. How beautiful the gardens and fields spread!

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