Football news of Ukraine and the whole world. Photos, videos, online broadcasts, Totalizer team of Ukraine in football performed in the qualifying tournament unsuccessfully and does not go anywhere. This is bad. The Russian national team sensationally won the British and, apparently

Football news of Ukraine and the whole world. Photos, videos, online broadcasts, Totalizer team of Ukraine in football performed in the qualifying tournament unsuccessfully and does not go anywhere. This is bad. The Russian national team sensationally won the British and, apparently post thumbnail image

Football news of Ukraine and the whole world. Photos, videos, online broadcasts, Totalizer team of Ukraine in football performed in the qualifying tournament unsuccessfully and does not go anywhere. This is bad. The Russian national team sensationally won the British and, apparently

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Brian Robson in Mu

The fastest goal in the history of final tournaments was scored by the Englishman Brian Robson at the 27th second of the match England – France of the 1982 World Cup.
Brian Robson for many years was the hero of thousands of United fans filling Old Trafford or any other stadium at which Redz performed.
He was one of those who never surrendered by the inspirement who were sinless in the eyes of fans, and, to be honest, it is quite difficult to recall the case when he did not give all 110 percent to the benefit of the club. “Legend” is a label that is now hung on any player who puts on a red T -shirt. But in fact, the player should be very, very special to win the hearts of people at Old Trafford, and Brian Robson succeeded.
He was called the “Captain Miracle” for a reason, and for him there is always a place in the hearts of the United fans, but not tomorrow, when he will try to do everything to beat a team that means so much for him. Of course, West Bromvich Albion was the club where he studied his business under the leadership of Ron Atkinson. Now he has returned here as a manager to occupy the very chair on which the Big Ron was sitting – a man who then, in 1981, brought him to United for a record amount of the transfer. Robson temporarily left the game after a short work at Bradford City, so now he is catching up with a loser with double speed. There were days when Albion was an extremely uncomfortable team for United, and no one doubts that Robson would do everything to return those times this Saturday for Housetorns. Wonderful Captain Mu Sir Alex Ferguson and Brian Robson“VBA” has already shown its capabilities, having taken glasses visiting Arsenal last week. After this luck, the team has something to approach the next big game of the season. It is probably too early to start overestimating their capabilities, but it seems that United has finally got rid of their fear of the gate, which pursued them at the beginning of the season. The balls became more frequent guests in the grids of rivals, and one cannot fail to note general improvements, especially as for stability, so that United and their loud-haired fans feel incredible self-confidence after a 4-match winning series. Sir Alex Ferguson and Brian Robson previously crossed the swords in the coaches of the coaches – there is nothing new in this – however, the upcoming confrontation has a special connotation: Robbo returned to where he started.This is an important match for both teams, and the fans who will fill the Housetorns tomorrow will probably be interested in watching the game.
Brian Robson was born on January 11, 1957. Being one of the most prone to injuries of modern football players, Robson, nevertheless, played a leading role in the Manchester United club and the England team (both there and there captained) throughout the 1980s. His outstanding ball selection, scoring abilities and the habit of fighting to the end served as the subject of admiration for many experts who considered it the most comprehensively developed from the English midfielders of that generation.

A native of Chester Le Street in the county of Derham, Robson signed a youth contract with West Bromvich Albion in 1971, in which, in particular, he committed himself to constantly develop physically in order to counter the harsh vice verses of professional sports. In the end, after a series of brilliant performances, he became the captain of the team, and in 1980 he was taken to Manchester United then Maineger Ron Etkinson. Over the next fourteen seasons, Robson spent more than 600 matches for the club with Old Trafford, leading him to three winnings of the England Cup (1983, 1985, 1990), the conquest of the Cup of the Cups of European countries (1991) and the victory in the 1992/93 championship.

In the England national team, the role of Robson, who received the nickname Captein Marvel (Wonderful Captain) was no less significant. Under the leadership of Bobby Robson, Brian became an indispensable leader, playing the role of the leading midfielder on every inch field. He captured the national team at both world and 1990 championships, and the most famous moment with his participation occurred at the 1982 tournament, when Robson scored the French already at the 27th second of the match – a record of world forums.

Robson completed his playing career at Manchester United in 1994, becoming the head coach of Middlesro – a club from the first division. In the first season, Robson brought the club to the Premier League, but in 1997 he suffered a complete fiasco in the fight on three fronts. At first there were defeats in the finals of both English cups, and for the full picture – a departure from the highest division.

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