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The days when a bookmaker’s agent stood with chalk at the blackboard in the stadium, taking bets, are long gone. Thanks to information technology, players have the opportunity to bet both before the start of a sporting event – pre-match bets, and during the game – live bets.

Sports betting before the event

Preferred by players who pay attention to pre-match analysis, the study of statistics, injuries and disqualifications and other factors that affect the outcome of the match. Live events are adopted by fans of strategies and system games in speculative markets.

Betting disputes about which type is better have not subsided since the appearance of the first online bookmaker. To begin with, we will give a description of each type of bet.

Prematch bets

An important component is the time, which is more than enough to make a decision. The player can get acquainted with the expert assessment, calmly study the statistics and the line of the bookmaker.

The margin for pre-match is much lower than for in-match betting. The number of available markets for football events in the pre-match line is usually larger.

The line of coefficients reflects the true picture of the balance of power of the players / teams, which is what professional bettors use to predict the direction of the line.

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Live bets

Betting during the game is characterized by:

  • Instant change of coefficients.
  • Unstable market.
  • Frequent line closures.
  • Live betting requires a clear game plan and nerves of steel. To determine the true state of affairs taking place in a sports competition, watching video broadcasts will help.

For example, before the match, the favorite of the match was given a coefficient of 1.28. During the match, the favorite begins to give way, while maintaining an attacking impulse and a game advantage over the opponent.

The live maker already offers odds of 2.76 to win, why not take a chance by betting on the favorite not to lose.

The number of markets for betting on tennis, basketball and volleyball is larger compared to the pre-match line, which is used by players who prefer to draw points in a set, on outcomes and odds in quarters / games.

The margin for live is higher, some bookmakers reach 10%. For minor leagues, the limits in live are reduced, as well as the number of available outcomes for choosing a bet.

The direction of the odds movement reflects the current events taking place in the match. For an experienced player to determine the next event that will take place in a sports meeting, it is enough to look at the totals and odds market.

Suppose the value of the minus handicap for the leader of a football match has changed from (-1) to (-1.5) with a tie. This is a clear fact of an upcoming goal or an entry point into the total goals market.

In Live, the bookmaker also shows his cunning, offering “sweet” odds that are far from what actually happens in the match. Sports events, where the clear favorite “merges” the game, are easier to find in live than speculative players use.

All types of sports betting have their own advantages and disadvantages. Someone compares prematch with a village, and Live calls it a big city.

Without gaming experience, cold calculation and a sober mind, it is better not to bet during the match. According to statistics, the majority of players merge in live.

We advise you to study betting tips and build the right strategy for making a profit in bookmaker.

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