Matches of the 10th round-on the FNL website! Football National League

Matches of the 10th round-on the FNL website! Football National League post thumbnail image

Today in the four cities of the country there are next meetings with the participation of the teams of the first eight of the FNL.

Without Kevordo


Alania Vladikavkaz









Olympus Dolgoprudny





Torpedo Moscow


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Levreya: KamazKAMAZ 0 (0)
Levrei: RotorRotor 2 (1)
Levreya: TextbookTextbook 1 (1)
Metallurg 2 (0)
Levreya: VelesVeles 1 (0)
SKA-Khabarovsk 2 (1)
Levreya: Torpedo MoscowTorpedo Moscow 0 (0)
Levreya: AcronAkron 0 (0)
Levreya: KubanKuban 2 (0)
Levreya: TomTom 2 (0)
Levreya: TomTom 1 (0)
Levrei: Spartak-2Spartak-2 0 (0)
Levreya: YeniseiYenisei 3 (1)
Levreya: AcronAkron 2 (0)
Orenburg 1 (1)
Levreya: KubanKuban 3 (0)
Levreya: KamazKAMAZ 1 (0)
Levreya: VelesVeles 3 (0)
Metallurg 0 (0)
Levrei: Olympus-long-breedOlympus Dolgoprudny 0 (0)
Levrey: NeftekhimikNeftekhimik 0 (0)
Levreya: Torpedo MoscowTorpedo Moscow 1 (1)
Levrei: VolgarVolgar 1 (1)
SKA-Khabarovsk 1 (1)
Levrei: RotorRotor 1 (1)
Levreya: Krasnodar-2Krasnodar-2 2 (1)
Levrey: torchTorch 2 (1)
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz 1 (0)
Levrei: BalticBaltika 3 (1)
Levreya: TextbookTextbook 0 (0)
Levrei: Olympus-long-breedOlympus Dolgoprudny 0 (0)
Levrei: BalticBaltika 2 (2)
SKA-Khabarovsk 1 (1)
Metallurg 0 (0)
Levreya: YeniseiYenisei 2 (1)
Levrey: NeftekhimikNeftekhimik 0 (0)
Levreya: VelesVeles 0 (0)
Levrei: VolgarVolgar 2 (2)
Levreya: Torpedo MoscowTorpedo Moscow 1 (1)
Levrei: RotorRotor 0 (0)
Levreya: TextbookTextbook 0 (0)
Levrey: torchTorch 5 (3)
Levreya: Krasnodar-2Krasnodar-2 4 (1)
Levreya: KamazKAMAZ 1 (1)
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz 3 (0)
Levreya: TomTom 0 (0)
Levreya: KubanKuban 2 (0)
Levreya: AcronAkron 0 (0)
Levrei: Spartak-2Spartak-2 2 (1)
Orenburg 3 (1)
Levrei: BalticBaltika 1
Levreya: Dynamo-MoscowDynamo-Moscow 1 p.
Levreya: YeniseiYenisei 3
Rubin 1
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz 2 p.
Levreya: ZenithZenit 2
Levreya: TomTom 1 (1)
Levreya: TextbookTextbook 0 (0)
Levrey: NeftekhimikNeftekhimik 0 (0)
Levreya: KubanKuban 3 (1)
Levreya: KamazKAMAZ 0 (0)
Levreya: Torpedo MoscowTorpedo Moscow 0 (0)
Levreya: AcronAkron 0 (0)
Levrei: Spartak-2Spartak-2 1 (0)
Levrey: torchTorch 1 (0)
Levrei: Olympus-long-breedOlympus Dolgoprudny 0 (0)
Metallurg 1 (0)
Levrei: VolgarVolgar 0 (0)
Levrei: BalticBaltika 2 (0)
SKA-Khabarovsk 0 (0)
Levreya: Krasnodar-2Krasnodar-2 0 (0)
Levreya: VelesVeles 0 (0)
Orenburg 0 (0)
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz 0 (0)
Levrei: RotorRotor 2 (1)
Levreya: YeniseiYenisei 3 (0)
SKA-Khabarovsk 2 (0)
Levrey: torchTorch 1 (1)
Levreya: YeniseiYenisei 0 (0)
Levreya: KamazKAMAZ 0 (0)
Levreya: VelesVeles 1 (1)
Metallurg 2 (1)
Levreya: Torpedo MoscowTorpedo Moscow 2 (1)
Levreya: Krasnodar-2Krasnodar-2 0 (0)
Levreya: TextbookTextbook 2 (2)
Orenburg 5 (1)
Levrei: VolgarVolgar 2 (2)
Levrei: BalticBaltika 2 (1)
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz 2 (1)
Levreya: AcronAkron 2 (0)
Levrei: Spartak-2Spartak-2 0 (0)
Levrey: NeftekhimikNeftekhimik 4 (3)
Levrei: Olympus-long-breedOlympus Dolgoprudny 1 (0)
Levreya: TomTom 0 (0)
Levreya: KubanKuban 2 (2)
Levrei: RotorRotor 1 (0)
Levrey: NeftekhimikNeftekhimik
Levreya: Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz
Levreya: TomTom

Today in Saransk, Vladikavkaz, Yaroslavl and Bryansk the next matches of the spring stage of the FNL championship among the teams of the first group (1-8 places) are held.

Meeting Dynamo – Torpedo In Bryansk, the TV channel will show on the air Russia 2 – She will begin in 19.30 by Moscow time.

Also, this game can be seen on the portal

As for the rest of the matches, they can be monitored in direct Internet broadcasts that our league will organize together with Sportlive.

Goals: Nagibin, 16 (0: 1). Nagibin, 52 (0: 2).

Mordovia (Saransk): Yurchenko, Osipov, Muldarov, Simchevich, Ponomarev (Pazin, 74), Kuleshov, Rogov (Lazarovich, 87), Assedo, Gorbanets (Mintchenkov, 65), Rasl. Mukhametshin, Panchenko (Kuznetsov, 63).

Siberia (Novosibirsk): Gypsy, Valentich, Golovatenko, Klimov, Spichich, Astafyev, Brklyach (Chizhek, 67), Makarenko, Skorokhodov (Sabitov, 90), Nagibin (Akimov, 72), Zhitnev (78 Degtyarev, 78).

Warning: BRKLACHA, 34. Klimov, 58. Astafyev, 71. Akimov, 83.

Judge: Alexey Matyunin (Moscow).

Saransk. Start Stadium.

Goal: Grachev, 80.

Alania (Vladikavkaz): Khomich, Dudiev, Bulgaru, Grachev, Grigoryev, Pliev, Bakaev, R. Gigolaev (Pruskin, 46), Bikmaev (Tursunov, 46), Khubulov (Bayryev, 90), Nek (Geteriev, 78).

Nizhny Novgorod: Chernitsyn, Polyanin, Mamaev, Mikutskis, Egorov, Varfolomeev (Kazantsev, 67), Kvasov, Korovushkin, Vaganov, Dvornekovich, Salugin.

Warnings: Bulgaru, 23. Kvasov, 42. Mikutskis, 51. Vaganov, 53. Dvornekovich, 58. Bakaev, 66. Polyanin, 68.

Removal: Vaganov, 62 (2 f. to.)

Judge: Vyacheslav Popov (Yekaterinburg).

Vladikavkaz. Spartak Stadium. 12,000 spectators.

Goals: Burchenko, 31 (1:0). Gogniev, 42 – from the penalty spot (1:1). Sukhov, 68 (2:1).

Shinnik (Yaroslavl): Krasnokutsky, Lamange, Vasiev (Sukhov, 65), Katynsus, Ndri, Gridnev, Valikaev, Nezhelev (Beletsky, 80), Burchenko, Nizamutdinov (Michkov, 73), Sarkisov (Arkhipov, 78).

Ural (Yekaterinburg): Yashin, Tumasyan, Revyakin, Drannikov, Kirillov (Semakin, 61), Tkachev (Stavpets, 73), Novikov, Bochkov, Petrovich (Gorbatenko, 80), Gogniev, Lungu (Manucharyan, 46).

Warnings: Gridnev, 11. Lungu, 22. Drannikov, 34. Kirillov, 58. Petrovich, 63. Novikov, 75. Stavpets, 88.

Judge: Igor Nizovtsev (Nizhny Novgorod).

Yaroslavl. Stadium Shinnik.

Goals: Golubov, 35 (1:0). Rodin, 88 (1:1).

Dynamo (Bryansk): Baranovsky, Vasyanovich (Fomichev, 34), Dimidko, Temnikov, William, Mukhutdinov, Sorokin, Petrakov (Kalimullin, 78), Romashchenko (Pugin, 60), Beketov, Golubov (Zabolotny, 81).

Torpedo (Moscow): Klevinskas, Zuraev, Stolyarenko, Mishchenko, Bezlikhotnov (Polozhani, 88), Steklov, Bolshakov, Andreev (Namashko, 46), Rylov (Rodin, 72), Belousov, Satalkin.

Warnings: Beketov, 25. Steklov, 32. Mukhutdinov, 47. Satalkin, 68.

Judge: Alexey Sukhoi (Lyubertsy).

Bryansk. Stadium Dynamo.


21.23. The game ended in Bryansk. The tour has come to an end.

21.17. Torpedo compares the score 1:1!

Ivan Rodin scored his first goal in the championship.


20.50. Press conference of the head coach of the Siberians official website of the club.

Dariusz KUBICKI, Sibir coach:

– I think the fans liked the game. Both teams wanted to win today. My players had more desire, besides, we were lucky: Mordovia also had good scoring chances. We are very pleased to return to Novosibirsk with three points, because in the previous nine matches we won only one victory.

– Dariush, why did the team use the subway to get to Saransk?

– We preferred the subway to the bus, because on the bus we could miss the train. The train ride was very good and pleasant. We talked a lot with the players, for me it was a plus: I had the opportunity to discuss in detail with each of the plans for the upcoming match. I tried to convey to the players that I want to see their desire, movement – and today I saw it. We beat a strong team. I have seen four or five last matches of Mordovia and I think that in terms of play they are the best team in the First Division. She plays European football: in a short pass, play on the third. It's a pleasure to watch her play.

Today two goals were scored by Nagibin, who did not play in the previous matches in the first team. I entrusted him with a place in the starting lineup because I saw how he works in training. He is very technical and agile, at every moment he can be dangerous for an opponent.

– Is it possible that you will become the head coach of Siberia?

– I came to Novosibirsk to work as a second coach. I wanted to show that I am a smart coach, that I am quickly learning to languages. To see how I work to get experience and find out how the coaches work in Russia. Knowing the Russian language, I can work in four to five countries. For me, work in Novosibirsk is a good experience, but what will happen next – I don’t know: my contract ends on May 31, and I have not yet talked about its extension.

– Do you agree that the main star of the match is a gypsy goalkeeper?

– I already called the main star of Nagibin, who scored two goals. As for the game of Nikolai, this was the first match of the one I saw, which he played “to zero”. I do not want to say that he made mistakes that led to defeats, but it so happened that he missed in every match. And after today's “dry” game, I praised him. But I would like to play to zero in the next game.

20.41. The first post -match comments appeared.

Goalkeeper Siberia Nikolai Gypsy:

Nothing happens without good luck, today everything turned out. The guys helped a lot! The fact that we could not play to zero for a long time – one way or another reassed, on me in particular. The guys encouraged, each time we tuned in to play “to zero”, but sometimes it happened that our gates did not particularly do not, and some crazy goal flies up, and we are losing.

Mordovia showed that she knows how to play football, her players are aimed at the gate. Well, we showed that we have a character – this is the most important thing. Saransk is quite hot, almost summer weather. It was hard to play, but the guys showed character and fighting qualities: everyone went under the ball, fought, fought – and this brought the result- quotes Gypset official website of the Siberians.

20.34. The second half in Bryansk started.

20.24. The game ended in Yaroslavl. Shinnik – With a victory!

20.18. Break in Bryansk – 1:0.


19.58. In Yaroslavl Shinnik I went forward again – 2:1.

Alexander SukhovThe fourth goal in the championship.

19.53. And the game ended in Saransk. Siberia – With a victory!

19.51. The game ended in Vladikavkaz. Alania won and returned to first place.

19.37. Alania The goal clogs – 1:0.

Dmitry GrachevThe fourth goal in the championship.

19.35. The second half in Yaroslavl began.

19.19. Nizhny Novgorod It remains in the minority.

Sergey Vaganov He receives a second warning and leaves the field.

19.18. The first half in Yaroslavl ended – 1:1.

19.14. Compares the invoice Ural – 1:1.

Spartak Gogniev He scored from the penalty His first goal For the team from Yekaterinburg.

19.13. And in Yaroslavl, the guests will beat the penalty.

19.11. Miracles in Saransk are taking place. 0:2 leads Siberia.

Ivan Nagibin Makes a double!

19.05. In Sarask, the second half began.

19.04. The second half began in Vladikavkaz.

19.02. In Yaroslavl Shinnik I stepped forward – 1:0.

Maxim BurchenkoThe second goal in the championship.


18.49. A break in Vladikavkaz – 0:0.

18.48. A break in Saransk – 0:1.

The statistics of the first half is enchanting.The hosts lead on hits 12 – 3!

18.40. And here are the ingredients Dynamo with Torpedo.

Dynamo (Bryansk): Baranovsky, Vasyanovich, Dimidko, Temnikov, William, Mukhutdinov, Sorokin, Petrakov, Romashchenko, Beketov, Golubov.

Spare: Shelia, Fomichev, Pugin, Polyakov, Zabolotny, Dmitriev, Kalimullin.

Torpedo (Moscow): Klevinskas, Zuraev, Stolyarenko, Mishchenko, Bezlikhotnov, Steklov, Bolshakov, Andreev, Rylov, Belousov, Satalkin.

Spare: Dovbnya, Zinoviev, Rodin, Namashko, Yerkin, Polozhani.

18.35. The game started in Yaroslavl.

18.17. Siberia opened an account in Saransk – 0:1.

Ivan Nagibin scored after a corner – his second goal in the championship.

18.03. The game started in Saransk.

18.02. The game began in Vladikavkaz.


17.52. Starting Lineups Shinnik and Ural we have appeared.

Shinnik (Yaroslavl): Krasnokutsky, Lamange, Vasiev, Katynsus, Ndri, Gridnev, Valikaev, Nezhelev, Burchenko, Nizamutdinov.

Spare: Khoteev, Sukhov, Beletsky, Steshin, Eliseev, Michkov, Arkhipov.

Ural (Yekaterinburg): Yashin, Tumasyan, Revyakin, Drannikov, Kirillov, Tkachev, Novikov, Bochkov, Petrovich, Gogniev.

Spare: Kot, Vieshtitsa, Dantsev, Stavpets, Semakin, Gorbatenko, Manucharyan.

17.38. Before the match Dynamo – Dynamo two more hours.

You can listen recording a radio program with the participation of the defender of the blue and white and the national team of the FNL Ivan Temnikov.

In the current league Temnikov spent 40 matches and scored 1 goal.

17.25. We remind you that throughout the day all matches start with a moment of silence in memory of a fan who tragically died on the way home from football in Yaroslavl Nizhny Novgorod Vitaly Vlasov.

In addition, all teams will take to the field in black mourning bandages.

17.03. Lineups Siberia with Mordovia.

Mordovia (Saransk): Yurchenko, Osipov, Muldarov, Simchevich, Ponomarev, Kuleshov, Rogov, Acevedo, Gorbanets, Rusl. Mukhametshin, Panchenko.

Spare: Agapov, Zhestkov, Minchenkov, Gerk, Lazarovich, Pazin, Kuznetsov.

Siberia (Novosibirsk): Gypsy, Valentich, Golovatenko, Klimov, Shpichich, Astafiev, Brklyacha, Makarenko, Skorokhodov, Nagibin, Zhitnev.

Spare: Konyukhov, Khaliullin, Sabitov, Akimov, Chizhek, Degtyarev, Cheminava


16.43. Go ahead – match Shinnik – Ural.

The Urals have a traditional photo essay with pre-game training and departure diary.

16.28. Not about today's matches, but fresh.

The part of the meeting of the RFU FTC dedicated to the matches of the FNL championship has just ended.

As expected, the striker was suspended for four matches SKA-Energy Eugen Coffey, removed in match with Fakel for hitting an opponent after play has been stopped. Vladimirsky midfielder suspended for three games Torpedo Ilya Zinin – he received a red card for hitting an opponent with his elbow match with Khimki.

Video of these two episodes, as well as the rest of the solutions – here.

16.05. In today's issue Sport-Express famous Russian coach who worked a lot with KAMAZ Valery Chetverika.

– Which of the teams will mark in the second stage?

Mordovia stands out.She's a pleasure to watch: organized, disciplined, with good FNL selection and Premier League potential. It seems that there are no personalities as such, but the game is staged. It is felt that people work there, everything is debugged. And they don't talk about the Premier League out loud. For a year and a half, only Alania has been heard. But excuse me: 2:4 at home from Mordovia, 1:2 – from Ural.

– What happens to the wards of Gazzaev Jr.?

Lots of talk. Football is not played by names, the coach and the president do not take the field. All this is reminiscent of the USSR national team, when it was headed by the triumvirate Lobanovsky – Beskov – Akhalkatsi. There is no solidity, team play. Some kind of leapfrog in defense. Meanwhile, when a young team is being built, it is necessary, first of all, to fine-tune the game in defense. The departure of Gabulov Jr. is, of course, a loss. Has he played for Anji at least once? And who benefited from this? Most likely, the transition was dominated by the financial component. Yes, and invited him, probably, Krasnozhan. Hiddink if Eto'o still remembers, then how does G. Gabulova know?

– How do you like Nizhny Novgorod, which does not give up the second position – without money, without players?

That's what surprises me! My friend, Sasha Gorshkov! After each round I call him and exchange opinions. But what about, last year they were colleagues in the amateur league, they played against each other. I remember how he, still young, was brought to the Pearl to Arsen Naydenov. What a job they did with it! Happy for him. For the third round 7 victories in eight matches – what! I never understood: give money – we will be there, if you don't give it – we will fly out. Look: there are not enough players in the team to fill out the protocol, but how they play! It means that there is a team. And Gorshkov fit into it. The situation at Nizhny reminded me of Silkin joining Dynamo. The team also started up and is now showing good, solid football.

Fully – here.

Valery Chetverik – Honored Coach of Russia. Worked in the first division KAMAZ and Novorossiysk Chernomorets.


15.55. Not quite fresh, but still interesting video from the meeting Renata Sabitova and Mario Brklyachi with fans.

Video: sibsport0info.

15.50. Online interesting interview with Kubicki.

In the first division in Russia, there is a lot of physics in football. It looks like the Premier League, – admitted the Pole.

– You were supposed to enter the coaching staff of Dmitry Radyukin?

Yes, he invited me to the team. I came to the training camp and when he was fired, I thought that I would have to leave. But then I talked to Alex, he looked at how I work and offered to remain his assistant.

– Is it easy for you to find a common language with Russian players?

– I speak so I don't have much of a problem. Of course, I still can’t say everything I want, but I understand the guys completely.

– Did you serve as a link between Miller and the team? the interpreter cannot always understand the subtleties of sports.

– A little. But I would say that our translator learns and does it quickly.Yes, he had never worked in the field of football before, but during the training camp, where we lived together, Evgeny (translator – ed. auth.) took a few steps forward – he helped me with ordinary Russian, I helped him with sports terms. Yes, the players sometimes they turn to me or Denis, since we are people of football, but our translator could also translate everything that Alex Miller wanted to convey to the team.

15.46. Another interesting story is Siberia.

Novosibirsk after the home game with Alania (1:2) fired head coach Alex Miller, who managed to work with the team in this way for only three months.

Under his leadership, the Siberians held in the FNL championship 9 matches, won 1 victory, 3 tied once and 5 meetings were lost.

Candidates for a vacant post called Alexandra Zavarova and Sergei Yuran.

However, the team was taken to Saransk by Miller's assistant (now, however, the former) Dariusz Kubicki.

15.27. Meanwhile Soviet sport gives information, citing a source in the club, that at least one substitution will be available Alexandra Gorshkova.

12 Nizhny Novgorod players will be able to take part in the game against Alania. The club, which claims to enter the Premier League, got into such a situation due to injuries and suspensions of a number of players.

The midfielder is in the infirmary Alexander Cherevko and protector Egor Tarakanov. Do not play with Alania and disqualified Dmitry Aidov, Dmitry Kudryashov and Vadim Gagloev.

– The whole team went to the exit, including the injured and disqualified. But only 12 people will be able to play with Alania, including the goalkeeper Vasily Chernitsyn– told Soviet sport in the Nizhny Novgorod club.

Firewood – from here.

15.15. At Alania now it is almost certain to return to service Tamas Priskin and Danilo Neko.

In Novosibirsk, their return to the did not take place, but all subsequent days they trained already in the general group.

Photo report about the training of Vladikavkaz – on official website of the club.

15.03. The most unusual not only today, but perhaps in the entire championship match – Alania – Nizhny Novgorod.

Nizhny Novgorod, as you know, entered the spring part of the championship with limited human resources. After the game in Yaroslavl due to injuries and three disqualifications at the disposal of the head coach of the Volga Alexandra Gorshkova left, according to various sources, from 10 to 12 capable players.

I find it difficult to answer whether we will be in full force or not, because the picture of the convalescents is not completely clear. Everything will be determined on the day of the game. Uncertainty can not please – confessed Gorshkov in exclusive interview press service of the FNL before flying to Vladikavkaz.

– Alania is lower in the standings, but given your difficulties, can it be considered the favorite of the match?

– If it were not for the forced personnel problems, I would say that our chances are equal. And so Alania, of course, is a favorite. But we do not hang our noses, and we will fight.The team has a calm atmosphere. No one panic. Even disqualified guys expressed a desire to fly with the team and support teammates, although they could not have rested this. This says a lot. We have a very friendly team.

Nizhny Novgorod flew to the capital of North Ossetia yesterday and yesterday conducted a previous training on the Spartak field.

15.02. By tradition, our broadcast will start with the heads of the previous one.

However, he turned out to be not so rich in the clogged balls as two preceded to him.

15.01. Good day to everyone!

Three hours later, the next FNL championship tour will begin.

AT 18.00 Matches will begin in Saransk and Vladikavkaz.


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