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Tourism on Dobrovskaya land live for a long time and richly! Last Friday, the District Day was celebrated in good. The weather failed: damp, cold, uncomfortable. Although for the end of October it is still quite

Tourism on Dobrovskaya land

Live for a long time and richly!

Last Friday, the District Day was celebrated in good.

The weather failed: damp, cold, uncomfortable. Although for the end of October, it is still quite tolerable. An annoying cereal pour from a gray sky (it's good that it is not rain). However, the mood of those who came to the October Square of the district center is raised. Music invigorates, optimism is instilled in a riot of colors and smells – a holiday!

The procession of labor collectives of organizations, enterprises, institutions opens a triumph dedicated to the Day of the district. Bright colors of clothes, flags and banners revive the gray background of the October morning.

A monument to the holy countryman was erected in the Dobrovsky district

A unique event that has not yet been in our region. Today in the Dobrovsky district, for the first time in the history of the region, a monument to the holy countryman was erected. We are talking about a native of the village of Borisovka Alexei Astakhov, in the tonside of Ambrosia. He served in various monasteries and temples of Moscow in the first half of the last century. In the fall of 1937 he was shot. In modern Russia, Archimandrite was ranked to the Holy Rev. Martyrs.
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In memory of the Holy Ambrose

On October 21, in the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God the village of Borisovka, a festive service dedicated to the memory of the holy Martyr Astakhov will be held. The Divine Liturgy will be headed by the highly advanced Metropolitan of Lipetsk and Zadonsky Nikon.

The solemn opening of the monument-monument to St. Ambrose and the festive concert of spiritual music will also take place.

The first tourist in good was kindly passed
The first tourist rally dedicated to World Tourism Day took place today at the old stadium of the village of Dobroe on the banks of the Voronezh River. Its organizers were the administration of the Dobrovsky district in the person of the department of culture and development of tourism.

Pushkin holiday village of Korenevshchino

We invite you to the regional ethnographic festival Volchery Patterns

From March 14 to March 17, the X International Tourist Exhibition “Intermarket – 2015” was held at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center. 75 regions of Russia presented a tourist product to visitors to the exhibition, including the delegation of the Dobrovsky district as part of the Lipetsk region.

Representatives of 73 regions of Russia took part in the X International Tourism Exhibition Intermarket (ITM) 2015. An expanded business program was prepared for the participants, including a meeting at the All-Russian level, training seminars, thematic ideas from the regions, master classes and much more.

The holiday Kind Salo – 2015 invites guests!

On the good path


In Dobrovsky district p the heads of departments and departments of the economy of district administrations and urban districts of the Lipetsk region visited.

Local authorities have prepared an interesting excursion program for the participants of the seminar. Guests were received in Kapitanshchina, Preobrazhenovka, Borisovka, Bolshoy Khomutets and Krivets.

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