Offline and online betting

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Bookmakers offer land-based offline betting offices and virtual online betting platforms. Players who love live communication and the crunch of banknotes choose sports betting at a betting shop. Bettors who trust information technology prefer to bet online.

Online betting

Sportsbook apps for iOS and Android allow you to play bets not only in front of a computer or laptop monitor, but also from mobile gadgets.

There are many services on the Internet with statistics, analytics, insider information and other useful data for a bettor. The main advantage of online betting is the ability to play live, in addition, interactive bookmakers lure players with regular bonuses and promotions:

  • Free bet.
  • Express Bonus.
  • First deposit bonus.
  • Extreme Tour.
  • Car as a gift.

TsUPIS is responsible for the security of financial transactions with legal bookmakers – the player will receive the winnings on a bank card or an electronic wallet linked to a credit institution.

The downside of online sports betting is the maximum limit, in the booth – as the players call the betting shop – the bookmaker will allow you to bet more. Emotionally unstable players when playing online often drain the game bank.

Offline betting

The first betting booths looked very gloomy. Today, PPS is the face of a betting company with a modern interior and polite staff.

Bettors who make bets through PPS become owners of club cards, which can be credited with bonuses depending on the player’s bets.

Winning guarantee is the main advantage of offline betting. This is what most beginners think, although in fact, according to the rules of the bookmaker, if the match was suspicious, the betting shop will pay the bet at odds of 1.


The share of online betting is constantly growing, and sooner or later PPPs will become history. The functionality of the platforms, generous bonuses, no queues, clear statistics – interactive betting has no weak points. Unless experienced bettors miss the atmosphere.

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