OJSC Zenit -Belomo – optical and collimator sights

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Zenit -Belomo OJSC – production of optical and collimator sights, brackets for sights, medical scales, binoculars

Without Kevordo

Public corporation
Zenit – Belomo

45 years of experience in the production of military sights are embodied in a series of civilian sights with a backlight of the grid

Spare parts for sights

Details and nodes

Zenit-Belomo OJSC is part of the Belomo holding and is a recognized leader of optical instrumentation.

    The company produces the following types of products:

  • optical sights for special equipment;
  • Optical sights for small arms and hunting rifles;
  • fasteners to sights and hunting supplies;
  • binoculars;
  • Autotor parts and nodes;
  • Medical scales.

Zenit Belomo OJSC is a partner and manufacturer of products for enterprises such as MAZ, KAMAZ, BELAZ, MTZ, and is also the only manufacturer of medical weight equipment in the Republic of Belarus. The services of the plant are constantly working to improve the consumer properties and quality of products and react in a timely manner to all the proposals of their partners.

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