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Horse racing is a part of equestrian sport in which two or more horses compete. This is the oldest discipline, its essence was to find out which horse would be faster and more enduring. Even before the advent of modern bookmakers, spectators argued when betting on this sport. Now the global market for discipline exceeds 200 billion dollars, and most bookmakers offer to bet on the races online.

Features of betting on horse racing

In order for horse racing forecasting to be successful, it is necessary to remember the following features of the discipline:

There are no clear favorites in this sport. In the race line, bettors will not meet low quotes, even the strongest horse is not valued at odds below 2.0.

In equestrian sports, even minor details are taken into account. In the mural bookmakers give all the information about the upcoming race – the temperature at the hippodrome, wind speed, even about the pedigree of the horse and its owner.

In horse racing, you should not use the martingale strategy. This technique is extremely popular when betting on other sports, but it is better to refuse it in equestrian sports.

Before placing a bet, you must study the arrival map. Often such information is provided by the bookmaker itself. If the check-in program is not available in the selected bookmaker, it can be found on specialized resources.

Types of bets

At the bookmaker, bettors can bet on the following outcomes:

Run winner. The simplest type of bet, in which it is necessary to predict which of the participants will come to the finish line before the rest. Some bookmakers offer to bet on the winner with insurance. If the horse is not the first, but takes a place in the top three, the bookmaker will return the amount of the bet to the player. In this case, the odds for winning will be much lower.

Place from first to third. For such a bet to work, the horse must finish in the top three.
Who is higher. Bets on comparing two horses. Bettors must predict which of the pair of participants will be higher at the finish line.

The exact place in the race. You can bet on the winner of the race, second, third place, and even the last horse.

Effective Strategies

During the existence of equestrian sports, bettors have compiled many strategies.

On the favorite

The strategy for the favorite seems to be the simplest, however, if the approach is wrong, it will lead the player to significant losses. It is necessary to select leaders for betting on horse racing according to the following criteria:

Today the participant conducts a debut race. If this is not the first participation of the favorite in the program of the day, it is better to refuse to make a bet.

There was no change of jockey before the race. In equestrian sport, not only the condition of the horse is important, but also its synergy with the rider.

The favorite has good statistics in the season. Often bookmakers form quotes based on previous successes. When choosing bets on the favorite, you should take into account only recent statistics.

If all three factors match, you can bet on the favorite. It is recommended to bet according to the strategy flat. This implies a fixed bet size.

Against the favorite

It is necessary to bet against the favorite in the following cases:

There was a load on one of the outsiders of the race. Often, horse betting professionals notice flaws in the line much earlier than ordinary bettors. Bookmakers reduce the odds for an outsider who is actively loaded, but do not change the quotes for the favorite.

The strong horse is not running the first race today. Although the favorites get this status partly because of endurance, it is much more difficult for them to participate in the second or third race.

The event will take place soon. Right before the start of the race, the online equestrian betting odds against the favorite are the highest. Those bettors who are poorly versed in the discipline choose the obvious option for betting and increase quotes for the opposite outcome.

Schulz’s strategy

This method of betting on horse racing is named after Al Capone’s accountant Dutch Schultz. Its essence lies in predicting the victory of several favorites of the race. Their number should be two or three. First you need to calculate the mathematical sum of the probabilities using the formula:

P = 1/K1 + 1/K2 + … + 1/Kn, where K1, K2, …, Kn are the odds to win.

Then you need to calculate the amount of the bet for each horse and make a bet.

S = B/P/K, where S is the bet size, K is the winning quote, P is the probability sum, B is the bettor’s total bank.

It is worth discarding the obvious outsiders, whose odds are higher than 10, the probability of their victory is extremely small, as well as the main favorite. Betting on them at a distance will lead the bettor to a minus.

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