Tennis in Voronezh: where to play and how much it costs

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Review of the Tennis centers of Voronezh and the surroundings. Addresses, work schedules, rental cost, type of coating. Photos, links to official sites.

Where to play tennis in Voronezh: 25 sports centers

A game of tennis allows you to maintain a body in shape, train a reaction and discard emotional stress. For children, this sport is especially useful: it develops attention and thinking, trains the vestibular apparatus, stimulates the growth and harmonious development of the body. Tennis courts in Voronezh will allow you to make a family weekend interesting and benefit, take lessons from the coach or give your child to the sports section.

central District

1. Sports club Admiral

The Admiral Country Club is equipped with courts, pools, fitness plates, ping-pong tables, restaurant, rink, etc. Entertainment and sports facilities are divided into summer and winter complex. On the territory of the club there are 8 open courts with tennis soil coating.

The tennis game season – from the beginning of May to the end of September.

At the moment, there is a conversion of the sports complex: the courts will be moved a little deep into the territory.

Admiral club courts

  • The cost of visiting the tennis site is 1 thousand rubles/hour, when buying a subscription (from 2 training per week) – from 700 rubles/hour. The price of an individual lesson with a coach is 600 rubles/hour. Children's tennis section costs 4.5 thousand rubles. per month. Revengereal of rackets – 100 rubles/hour is available.
  • The operating mode of the sports complex – from 11 to 23.
  • Admiral is located at Moskovsky Prospekt, 11 km. You can submit a preliminary application on the website or by phone-+7 (473) 228-68-57, +7 (961) 183-70-00.

2. Children's Sports School of Sports School No. 1

Children's Sports School of MBUDO Sports School No. 1 has two main bases – winter and summer. On the summer there are 4 open tennis courts and a gym, on the winter – 1 indoor court. On both bases there are showers and locker rooms.

Tennis sites have a classic hard coating (hard).

In the daytime, the courts are available only for children who are engaged in the sports section of the Youth Sports School. Classes are held free of charge. In the evening, the courts can be rented.

Sports ground DYUSSH №1

  • The operating room of the sports school is from 9 to 18, on Friday – from 9 to 16.45. Saturday and Sunday weekend.
  • The address of the courts – st. K. Marx, d. 72a (open courts), st. Middle Media, 6B (indoor court). You can clarify the training schedule on the website and by phone +7 (473) 200-85-34.

3. Sanatorium Maxim Gorky

On the territory of the sanatorium. M. Gorky are 4 open tennis sites with synthetic (hard) coating.

Their advantage is the low cost of rent and clean air. The sites are in the wooded zone, on the shore of an artificial reservoir.

The disadvantage is the lack of sections and coaches. The function of the courts is extremely entertaining.

Maps of the Gorky Sanatorium

  • The cost of renting a site is 180 rubles/hour, rental 2 sets ball + racket for tennis – 150 rubles.Additional services are also available for vacationers, which are included in the price of the room.
  • The work schedule of the health facility is from 8 to 16.30 with a break from 12.00 to 12.30.
  • The sanatorium is a separate building between a mixed forest and a reservoir, so the address is not required. You can sign up by phone +7(473)210-63-11 or on the website

4. Courts on the embankment near the reservoir

On the shore of the reservoir from the side of the Central District there are three open courts suitable for training. The surface of the teraflex platform, unfortunately, is not very even. The visiting season is from May to September. During the rains, the courts are heavily flooded.

Court on the waterfront

  • The cost of the game is from 300 rubles per hour.
  • Court address – st. Sofia Perovskoy, house 1a.

Railway area

5. Voronezh Tennis Academy (VTA)

The Tennis Academy is one of the most modern and well-equipped centers for Voronezh tennis players. It has 3 indoor playgrounds. The list of services includes individual lessons, classes in adults and children's groups, as well as court rental.

The courts are covered with Hard type coating with softening intermediate layers (Ultracushion). The presence of a soft layer protects the bones and joints of a tennis player from injury.

This coating meets the standards of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), which makes it easier to prepare for competitions. Coverage category 3 (Medium).

The frame structure of the roof allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature on the court. On the territory of the complex there are adult and children's locker rooms, showers and luggage storage.

Voronezh Tennis Academy

  • The cost of a one-time lesson is from 1 thousand rubles per hour, when buying a subscription – from 900 rubles per hour. Tennis section for children – from 4 thousand rubles. per month.
  • The academy is open from 07:00 to 23:00.
  • BTA address – st. January 25, d. 1B. The phone number of the complex is +7(930)012-33-99, the website is

6. Court In the clearing

The complex for tennis players Na Polyana is located on the territory of the former village of Repnoe. At the moment, it is a picturesque area within the city, on which there are outdoor and indoor courts. The court surface is classic hard hard, category 4 (Medium Fast).

Group lessons, playing on a rented playground and individual lessons with a coach according to the ITF system are available to visitors. Children's groups are divided by age (5-7 years old, 7-10 years old, 10-15 years old). The complex has a hot shower and a locker room with lockers. Competitions and weekend tournaments are held on the courts.

Court On the meadow

  • The price of a lesson is 500-900 rubles, individual lessons – from 500 rubles per hour, rental of tennis rackets – 100 rubles per hour.
  • The opening hours of the sites are from 8 am to 10 pm.
  • The address of the complex is st. Davydovskaya, 31. Phone for inquiries and appointments – +7 (473) 275-82-26, official website – http://tennis-court-on-a-glade.rf.

Kominternovsky district

7. Voronezh Tennis Club

In the Voronezh tennis club, you can rent a court by the hour, take an individual lesson with a coach or work out in a group.The club has 3 closed courts with a “softened hard” coating.

This coating is certified by ITF and consistent with the conditions of the competition.

Clients are available parking, locker rooms, recreation areas, Wi-Fi and shower. Disposable slippers, towels and shower products are provided free of charge. Additional Club Services – Distribution of Rockets, Equipment rental, assistance in the selection of the second player, coffee and tea bar.

Voronezh Tennis Club

  • The cost of renting the site is 900-1600 rubles. Depending on the time and number of training. A monthly subscription for training in an adult group-from 3900 rubles, in children's (5-16 years)-from 2000 rubles. One -time lesson in the group – 600 rubles. for children and 1300 rubles. For adults.
  • The work schedule is from 7 to 23, on weekends – until 21.30.
  • Club address – Labor Ave., 48s. You can clarify the schedule and sign up for the lesson by phone +7 (473) 262-26-45 or on the website

8. Sparta (tennis center Sparta Tennis)

Sparta Tennis Center is divided into a summer and winter site. On each of them there are 2 high -quality soil courts. In the period from May to September, all 4 sites operate, from October to April – only covered courts.

In winter, an ice rink is organized in the open territory.


  • There are children's and adult sections in the tennis center. You can also order an individual lesson with a coach or rent a playground.
  • The cost of a one -time training is from 1.1 thousand rubles. per hour, when buying a subscription – from 1 thousand rubles. at one o'clock. Rocket rental – 100 rubles.
  • The center is located at ul. Mironova, d. 50/1. Phone for recording or clarifying information-+7 (920) 221-98-98, site-

9. Ritsa

On the territory of the Ritsa cultural and fitness complex there is a cafe, an open tennis court and billiard tables. The season of the game is from May to September. The court is covered with artificial grass, which provides a good pace of the game and does not overload the legs of athletes.

Ritsa - courts

  • The cost of renting a court is from 1 thousand rubles/hour.
  • The operating mode of the complex – from 12 to 24, on Friday and Saturday – until one in the morning.
  • Address-Moskovsky Ave., 145b, phone numbers for certificates and orders-+7 (473) 291-90-21, +7 (910) 249-39-69.

Leninsky district

10. Seagull

The sport complex Chaika is located in the center of Voronezh. It consists of two covered courts with a professional tennis coating and a well -equipped gym. Type of coating – hard with softened layer (Hard Comfort).

In the Seagull you can leave a request to search for sparring partner and pull the racket.

Visitors are provided with shower, locker room, towels, parking, recreation areas with free Wi Fi.

Tennis courts Seagull

  • The cost of visiting is 1-1.4 thousand rubles. Depending on time. When buying a subscription, you can get a discount of up to 15%. A subscription for classes in an adult tennis section costs 3.8-7.2 thousand rubles, in the nursery-2-4 thousand rubles. One -time training in the group is 1200 rubles. (adults) and 600 rubles. (children). Racket rental will cost 100 rubles.
  • The operating mode of the court – from 7 to 23.
  • SK address – st. Krasnoznamennaya, d. 101a, phone +7 (473) 236-57-94, site-

Sovetsky district

eleven.Tennis club Czezi (Prometheus)

On the territory of the Prometheus sports complex there are several courts, table tennis tables, a gym, a pool and a fitness studio. The coating of three open tennis sites is soil, and the covered court is softened hard. There is also a children's mini-cort.

Club clients can engage in individually or in group sections (children's, adult).

Chezzy Tennis Club

  • The price of a court rental is from 700 rubles, when buying a subscription – from 600 rubles. Classes with a coach – from 500 rubles, children's section – from 2 thousand rubles. per month.
  • The operating mode is from 6 to 24.
  • The club is located in the Tanais park on the street. Komarova, 1a. You can sign up for training by phone +7 (473) 261-76-90 or on the website

Left -bank district

12. Sport House

The Sport House club has a tennis court, a gym with a cardiosone, a platform for fitness, dancing and martial arts, and a massage office. Type of coating on the court – hard. Tennis training is carried out only for children.

Clients can use showers, locker rooms and a sports bar.

Courts Sporthouse

  • The cost of renting a site for the game is from 900 rubles. (once), from 800 rubles. (subscription). The price of a one -time lesson in the children's section is 600 rubles, a subscription – from 2 to 4.8 thousand rubles.
  • The operating mode is from 7 to 23, on weekends – from 9 to 19.
  • The club is located on the street. Sports Embankment, 4v. You can sign up and clarify the information through the feedback form on the Sporthaus.rus website or by phone +7 (473) 207-02-85.

13. Tennis club Set

The Set Club is equipped with two covered courts with a hard synthetic coating (hard). One of the sites is intended exclusively for playing tennis, the other for any sports games. A multifunctional marking is applied to it.

We could not find a photo of the courts. If you have, send it!

  • The cost of visiting is from 600 rubles/hour. Souls, shoe covers and entry into the territory of the club is paid. There is no professional coach in the state.
  • The operating mode of the institution is from 8 to 22.
  • Address – st. Novosibirskskaya, d. 13. You need to clarify the cost of services and the schedule by phone +7 (473) 232-12-44.

Universal sports and gaming rooms

Universal sports halls, as a rule, are equipped with equipment for several outdoor games at once. Coating with averaged characteristics is less suitable for tennis than synthetic or soil, but can be used for ordinary training.

In most cases, the floor in gyms is made of a wooden beam, which is marked for several sports. There are several multifunctional halls in Voronezh, in which you can play tennis:

  1. SK Central (Central District). The large sports hall of the complex (1800 m 2) is used for volleyball training, mini-football and large tennis. The area of ​​the hall is divided into 4 courts. Coverage of the site is a beam. Dressers, buffet and shower are available to visitors. The operating mode of the UK – from 8 to 24. Address – st. Student, d. 17, phones-+7 (473) 259-82-13, +7 (903) 030-60-51.
  2. Vikar (Kominternovsky district). The playground is an indoor court with a wooden surface and universal markings. Working hours – from 10 to 19. The hall is located at st. Uritsky, 49. Phone – +7 (473) 229-72-59.
  3. Sports center Freestyle (Kominternovsky district, Svyazstroy-1). The game room is multifunctional, the covering is made of wooden beams. Working hours – from 8 to 22, on Saturday – from 9, on Sunday – from 9 to 19. Address – st. 45th Rifle Division, house 275, phone – +7 (473) 221-20-27.
  4. Torch (Soviet district). The sports complex includes two universal playing halls, one of which has tennis markings. Floor covering – timber. Showers and changing rooms are available to visitors. Schedule – from 7 to 22. The address of the complex – st. S. Marshak, d. 1A. You can clarify the conditions for renting the hall only by phone – +7 (473) 263-88-25.
  5. Gym Shady (Soviet district). It offers football, volleyball and tennis lessons. Type of the hall – indoor, covering – Taraflex. Additional services – shower, parking and dressing room. Hall schedule – from 7 to 24. Address – st. Mostovaya, 33, phone – +7 (952) 559-14-56.
  6. Buran (Left-bank district). On the territory of the sports complex there is an indoor hall that can be used for training. There is no special tennis surface and racket rental, but you can buy a lesson with a coach. Group classes and children's sections are only for football, taekwondo and basketball. Gym available. Working hours – from 9 to 21. The address of the sports club – st. K. Tsiolkovsky (near the intersection with Geroev Stratosfery St.), 26, phone number – +7 (473) 249-18-12.

Tennis courts in the vicinity of Voronezh

1. Tennis club Sokol (New Usman, 25 minutes from the center of Voronezh)

In the village of Novaya Usman, near Voronezh, the Sokol Tennis Club offers 1 outdoor clay court and 1 indoor hard court. The services of a coach, strings are offered, there is a bathhouse.

Tennis Club Sokol

  • Cost: an hour and a half hour 1100 rubles, 4 lessons per month – 4 thousand rubles, 8 lessons per month. – 7 thousand rubles, 12 lessons per month. 10 thousand rubles
  • Working hours: around the clock
  • Contacts: New Usman, Pyatnitskogo street, 93, tel. +7(960)101-44-44, site

2. Stadium Youth (Ramon, 40 minutes from Voronezh)


A new stadium has recently been built in Ramon, designed for various sports, including tennis. There are 3 outdoor hard courts. The playing season is from May to September.

  • Cost of renting courts:
  • Working hours: from 8-00 to 22-00
  • Address: r.p. Ramon, st. Voronezhskaya, 7a, website, phones +7(473)402-23-85+7(47340)21-681

3. Golden Key (Ramon)

In the Ramon forestry there is a recreation center Golden Key, which is equipped for outdoor activities. Tourists can play tennis, volleyball, badminton and ping-pong, take a steam bath in the sauna, ride a bike or catamaran. The court at the base is open, the surface is asphalt.

Golden Key

  • Court rental costs 350 rubles per hour. The tennis court operates from May to September. Hours of operation are from 10:00 to 19:00.
  • Address – pgt. Ramon, 7 km towards Cordon Zverinets. The base office is located in Voronezh on the street. Old Bolsheviks, 3V.You can leave a request by phone +7 (473) 294-94-50, and clarify the cost of services – on the website

4. Courts in Babyakovo (20 minutes from Voronezh)

Courts in Babyakovo

In the village of Babyakovo, near Voronezh, there is an indoor tennis court with high-quality hard surface.

  • Address: Zazerkalnaya st., 1, Babyakovo village
  • Phone – could not be found

5. Courts in the club village Silver Island (15 minutes from Voronezh)

According to information from the site of the club village, along with a swimming pool and a gym, there are outdoor tennis courts. The surface is artificial grass. Unfortunately, we do not have information about the availability of courts for guests and the cost of rent.

Court Silver Island

  • Voronezh region, settlement Otradnoe, st. Somovskaya, 1, site, tel. +7(473)207-07-08

6. Court in Khokholsky (50 minutes from Voronezh)

Outdoor tennis court at the local stadium, hard surface.

Stadium in Khokholsky

    R. n. Khokholsky

Where to buy tennis rackets

If you practice regularly, it is more convenient to purchase your own equipment for the game, instead of renting it. You can buy tennis rackets in Voronezh in the following stores:

Before choosing, you should consult with a coach and try rackets with different balance, handle size and string surface in the game. The total length for an adult player is standard, and for children it is selected according to height.

Please note: the cost of a racket is often quoted without strings.


When choosing a court in Voronezh, consider its location, type of coverage, cost of classes, discounts and coaches. The best choice for beginners will be a complex with a softened floor and qualified trainers. Experienced players can rent courts with any quality surface.

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