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Many users who decide to start betting on various sports events, due to lack of experience, ask the same question – what sports are worth paying attention to. Indeed, in this case it is not enough just to bet at random and on any match – this matter must be approached carefully, responsibly, having at least minimal knowledge behind it.

The sports most commonly bet on

Features of bets depending on the sport.Football matches are rightfully recognized as the most diverse in terms of bets. It is in football that a person can bet on the score, the issuance of cards to players, the number of deletions, substitutions, etc.

In this regard, football is considered to be perhaps the easiest to predict due to the many betting options. However, at the same time, one should not forget about the appearance of “dark horses” on the field, which can change the course of the game to the exact opposite.

The bets on volleyball and basketball matches are usually low, but there are odds that the player can either set on their own or choose the best ones from those offered by betting companies.

Hockey matches are not as predictable as football matches, and due to the length of the season and the very tight schedule of matches, any game is accompanied by frequent changes in the main team.

Because of this, it is extremely difficult to predict the events of the match and predict its outcome.

Far in spite of the fact that it is football that is most often used by users as a sport on which you can bet, it is still worth dwelling in more detail on the features of other sports.


The most popular sport today in terms of betting, which is explained by the following strengths of this discipline:

  • Matches are held almost every day, regardless of the season.
  • Battles on the football field are distinguished by the most extensive painting and bookmaker’s offices in sports lines.
  • The best win limits and possible odds.
  • There are a lot of both insider and statistical data on various Internet resources.

True, even taking into account all the advantages that football has, it still has one serious disadvantage – many analysts set odds for the most accurate forecasts of various football tournaments, so it is quite difficult to predict the exact results.

In order not to lose money due to this feature of betting on football matches, it is worth remembering two things:

It is worth choosing only medium or weak tournaments in terms of popularity, because in relation to such tournaments, betting companies do not analyze very deeply.

This allows users to quickly find the mistakes of bookmakers and bet correctly.

When choosing to bet on championships with a high level of popularity, it is worth playing against unreasonable heavy loads.

This strategy is explained by the fact that most often, when choosing tournaments and matches with high popularity, young users without a share of experience bet on the most obvious outcomes of the match.

Because of this, in 7 out of 10 cases, a more experienced user can go in a plus, going in the opposite direction.

Also, it will not be superfluous to pay a little attention to exclusive or long-term bets, because bookmakers also make mistakes when working with them.


The strength of hockey lies in its high performance, which allows equalizing the chances of bettors and betting companies. And if the user will work correctly with the statistics and analyze them correctly, the chance of winning will increase, as will the probable number of bets made.

As in the case of football, in hockey it is better to pay attention to medium or weakly popular tournaments, which are not watched so much by betting companies and analysts.

By the way, even careful analyzes of highly popular tournaments cannot save bookmakers and analysts from mistakes.

And one of the brightest examples is the matches between the national teams of South Korea and the USA. Everyone knew that the USA would win, and as insurance, the bookmakers formed a high negative handicap on the likely winner. The result was that users bet on this very handicap and, according to the results of the match, received large sums.

In general, hockey gives everyone the opportunity to make winning bets on really big odds. And, even though devastating victories are an extremely rare occurrence in football matches, defeats are not uncommon in hockey matches even with rivalry of equal teams.

Among the disadvantages of hockey, one can only note that in the summer this niche is very empty, which is why there is practically nothing to bet on.

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