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The concept of a bookmaker’s “fork” is similar to an arbitrage situation in the stock market, when two exchanges simultaneously form different prices for one product. Thus, by buying a contract cheaper in one place and selling it more expensive in another, the broker receives the difference, which he puts in his pocket.

What it is

Bookmaker’s surebets is a situation, and at the same time, a sports betting strategy that can be calculated mathematically. It involves making a bet with two bookmakers – you have to make opposite bets on sports, while you will be in the black no matter what the outcome of the event will be.

At the moment, there are several reasons why they appear in bookmakers:

  • Organizers of sports betting are constantly competing with each other, so they are often forced to put inflated quotes in order to attract potential customers.
  • Bookmakers do not always have time to keep track of each other, because the number of such companies is constantly growing.
  • Sometimes there are cases when the analytical centers of bookmakers are wrong – no one has canceled the human factor.

Differences between pre-match and live surebets

Pre-match betting is betting with a bookmaker before the start of the event itself. But in live you need to bet during the game.

In the pre-match, the odds are not changed very quickly by bookmakers when compared with live. Thus, if you are new to sports betting, but already want to catch surebets, then it is better to do it in prematch. At least it will be easier for you to do it.

At the same time, more highly profitable players place live bets. The fact is that bookmakers are not always able to quickly respond to certain events, so they change the odds with a delay. Thus, there are more opportunities to calculate a lot of profitable live “arbs”.

The main advantage is that it is much harder for bookmakers to recognize you as a arber. In fact, they do not have time for analysis, but in the pre-match they have plenty of this time. Thus, when playing live, you are more likely to go unnoticed and not be blocked by the bookmaker. And, of course, you will receive your winnings in live faster.

How to calculate

The time for manual calculations of arbitrage situations is long gone. Special services and calculators are available on the network, allowing you to quickly obtain information about the coefficients and quickly make calculations.

Surebets calculator

Players who independently search for “forks” use the following formulas:

A \u003d 1 / C1 + 1 / C2 + 1 / C3, where

C1 – C3 – coefficient values,
A is the parameter of the arbitrage situation,
if A > 1, there is no plug,
A < 1 — present.
Substituting the values ​​from Fig. 1 we get:

A \u003d 1 / 1.75 + 1 / 2.50 \u003d 0.571 + 0.4 \u003d 0.971 < 1

Satisfies the conditions, therefore, we calculate its profitability – D.

D = 100 – (A×100)

We get 100 – 97, 1 = 2.9% – our income from the arbitrage situation. Next, find out how much to bet on each shoulder:

S = (1 / C / A) × P, where

P is the total amount of the bet,
C is the event coefficient,
A is the parameter of our “fork”.

(1 / 1.75 / 0.971) × 1000 \u003d 588, 24 rubles.

(1 / 2.50 / 0.971) × 1000 = 411.76 rubles.

How to search

Searching for arbitrage situations manually is a time-consuming and inefficient process. Fork scanners will help speed up the process. Surebet scanners run the odds of multiple bookmakers through a formula and signal for surebets.

In an ideal situation, the names of the teams in the line should match, but in practice everything is different. In one BC, the names are written in Cyrillic, in the other – in Latin, somewhere they add the name of the city, etc.

It is possible that the bookmakers deliberately distort the names of the teams in order to create difficulties for the surebet scanners, since arbitrage bets are aimed at finding bookmaker errors.

The surebet scanner gives out a ready-made surebet, in some scanners – with an indication of the rates for each leverage. It is better to check the “fork” yourself, as the scanner can confuse team names, calculate the event based on outdated quotes, etc.

Free betting “arbs”

Most scanners “forks” are paid. But there are services that work for free to interest new users and show how the scanner works.

Setting up is not as easy as it seems. Lines of dozens of betting shops are loaded into the scanner, and the bettor must have verified accounts in these offices. Plus, the accounts must have money for bets. Or just free money that can be instantly transferred to the balance in the bookmaker, because. arbitrage situations are quickly eliminated by the bookmaker.

Beginners are probably primarily interested in free arb scanners. The meaning of this is clear, because you don’t want to invest money that could be spent on additional bets.

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