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In the fresh issue of the “Football Hockey” weekly, as always there are many interesting articles and interviews. Tomsk region. Tomsk.

Fresh issue of the newspaper Football Hockey (No. 620)

The fresh issue of the newspaper  amp; quot; football-Hockey  amp; quot; (No. 620) -

In a fresh room weekly Football Hockey As always, there are many interesting articles and interviews.

The newspaper talks about the away match Tomi in Rostov in articles "Have you moved the stone?" and "The drought was killed. Now it's time to score glasses" . Football players and coaches of both teams share their opinions about the match. The traditional popular section of the Women's View newspaper in the article is also devoted to the past match "Africa skiers or real men?" .

The newspaper reports On the sale of subscriptions for the third round which will begin from December 1. The November home match will be a bonus for owners of current subscriptions.

Interesting for readers will be detailed Interview with Valery Nepomnya Where he talks about his Tomsk life and Tomsk friends.

A separate selection is dedicated Russian national team , where the forward of the Moscow Spartak was first invited Artem Dziuba He spoke last year for Tom. Announced and Ostacle matches to Euro 2012 , in which the former goalkeeper Tomi takes part in the Estonian national team Sergey Pariaiko .

And of course, the important news for Tomsk football lovers is the news that the announcement of the most popular starts from October 31 Winter football tournament for TV-2 prizes . And the tournament for the mass league teams will begin this year earlier than usual – in early December.

The newspaper talks about the performance of hockey players Seversky amber in the championship of Russia.

As usual, the room has a lot of diverse and interesting information about the main events of Tomsk sports and especially football.

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