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Zenit completed the performance at the group stage of the Europa League. These six matches have developed for the St. Petersburg team as a whole, which could be assumed before

Zenit Games Schedule 2017 2018

Zenit completed the performance at the group stage of the Europa League. These six matches developed for the St. Petersburg team as a whole, which could be assumed before the first impact on the ball. It seemed that blue-white-blue ones fell into a very complex quartet. Real Sociedad started in a Spanish example with three bright victories with a total score of 10: 4, and in the total number of goals that were clogged in matches with his participation, was almost a leader in the top 5 of European championships. “Wardar” on the way to Zenit was destroyed by the Fenerbahce, which did not consider the money, and “Rusenborg” – the finalist of the previous Europa League “Ajax”. But in football, everything changes with the speed of a retaliatory attack from Liverpool Jurgen Blop. It turned out that the Basque has a crystal jaw. If they do not fall, then they must pass themselves because of a leaky defense and “float”. And they float away from the victory in their crazy boat made by Eusebio Sacristan. Perhaps this coach was created for Barcelona, ​​but it seems definitely not for Real Sociedad. “Wardar” after the shift of the head coach of the Sedloska to Chadomir Yanevsko turned into a team of the FNL level, and even hardly able to catch on “joints”. For the Macedonians, participation in the group stage of the Europa League was no less event than for the St. Petersburg Dynamo battle with Zenit in the Russian Cup. However, Yanevsko, unlike Alexander Tochilin, did not find effective game ideas. Apparently, the Russian owner from Skopier Sergei Samsonenko was bewitched by the coaching profile Yanevski, who worked for several years in Belgium and even won the Cup of the country with Bruges. But this, as they say, was not true for a long time.

Only Rusenborg played in its strength. Exactly as much as predicted. He turned into a sweet bun for the Zenitites in St. Petersburg and gave the representative of Russia at home. The draw on Lerkendal is the only misfire for blue-white-blue for six rounds. Zenit won five victories, finished in the first place and became the most effective team among all participants in the group stage. At the same time, he surpassed his rivals in the number of attacks on goal in only two games. Paradoxically, if in the Premier League of Petersburgers there are problems with the implementation of the moments that the Italian coach spoke more than once, then in the Europa League they did not need to beat a lot to score and get an advantage. The reasons can be found as the game of defenders of the opponents of Zenit, and in the fact that in the Premier League the Mancini team is faced with a more saturated defense.

Emiliano Rigoni as a result became the best scorer of the group stage of the Europa League along with Andre Silva from Milan and Junior Moraes from Dynamo Kyiv – they all scored six goals. Alexander Kokorin has five goals.Forward Zenit is also among the leaders.

In Europe there is no limit for legionnaires, so Mancini had the opportunity to exhibit any composition for matches. The main thing is that the players are eleven. According to statistics, it is easy to guess who the Italian today sees in the “basis” in fact. The goalkeeper Andrei Lunev, defenders Branislav Ivanovich, Emanuel Mamman, Mikhaman, Domenico Krisito, midfielders Emiliano Rigoni, Matias Kravitter, Alexander Erokhin, Daler Kuzyaev and striker Alexander Kokorin played more than others. Unless Christian Noboa’s superiority in the number of game minutes over Leandro Paredes is explained by the fact that Mancini wanted to give practice to the Ecuador and to protect the Argentinean for some matches in the Premier League. The European version of the “foundation” of “Zenith” has seven legionnaires, and not six permitted in Russia.

What's next? Firstly, the future of blue-white-blue in the Europa League depends on the draw of the 1/16 finals. It is clear that getting on Napoli or Dortmund Borussia, which can play out by the future spring, will make you doubt the prospects of Zenit in the international arena. Moreover, the Mancini team will just come out of the “winter hibernation”. At the first stage of the playoffs, it is advisable to get someone weaker and not superior to Petersburgers significantly in game practice. For example, the Swedish Estersund. It is theoretically possible to meet with the most fundamental opponent – the Moscow “Spartak”.

Surely the Zenit composition will also change a little bit. In winter, it is allowed to derive three newcomers to European competitions. Probably, just two or three players will come and leave the Petersburg club. Waiting for the central defender instead of Ivan Novoseltsev and the striker instead of Artem Dziuba? Rumors are already associated with the zenith of Anton Zabolotny. In any case, Mancini, undoubtedly, will again ask for some kind of strengthening before decisive matches in the Premier League and Europe. But this is a completely different topic.

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